practicing better breaking and modulation.-
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    practicing better breaking and modulation.

    Anyone have any tips for improving my breaking?

    I only use one finger and have been doing wheelies and endos to practice my modulation. but i am always looking for ways to improve my skill set.

    anyone have any good tips, or breaking exercises?.

    ps. i have avid elixer 1's, and i feel like they are finally getting broken in.
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    for breaking I usually resort to crashing and driving my car with bike on the roof into my car port. For braking, I prefer to go to a fast low tech trail and lap hard. Work on getting the speed down without trying harder or do it on a singlespeed. You can work on braking before a corner and cornering all at the same time.

    For technical braking you can practice in an urban environment, rolling down stairs, off larger obstacles then rolling back up the same.

    I am not a huge fan of the one finger braking only because if one slips off at a critical time or because of an impact you are now not braking when you absolutely need to be doing so. I do it 2 fingered in the super technical stuff and one finger when I am just cruising fast single track.
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    lol, i r fail at English.

    Thanks rockcrusher, i will just keep playing during my morning commuting. I may have to do some searching this weekend to find a more interesting route.
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    Just ride. All your skills will improve over time. I don't do drills or anything, I just ride the trails and take mental notes of what I can improve on next time and then the next time I concentrate on where I feel I'm lacking.

    I for one use both brakes equally. Can't really explain how I brake, it works for me. Right or wrong. But I don't like to use the brakes till I need to. And even then I use a light touch.
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    Brakes who need stinking brakes?
    Momentum, momentum, momentum, if you want speed thats what you want is momentum, not brakes. Pratice not using brakes, your speeds will improve. Guarranteed !!!
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    Two wheels transport the soul !!!!

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