Please Explain Stack Height-
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    Please Explain Stack Height

    Pretty new to all this. Ordered a Cane Creek headset which is "zero stack". Per Cane Creek my frame/fork called for zero stack. however the "top stack height" is 15 m.m.

    To further confuse me I need a stem and I see references to things like 40 mm stack for stems. I cannot find a 15 mm stack stem.

    What exactly is the relationship between stem and headset stack measurements.

    I see other bikes with spacers between handlebars and stem. Is this to make up for a discrepancy between headset and stem?

    In my above example do i look for a stem with 15 degree stack or zero degree stack since i ordered a zero stack headset?

    Totally lost on this concept

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    The steerer tube on your fork runs through the headset bearings, the head tube on the frame, the stem and any spacers you have. The total stack height of all those things has to roughly equal the length of the steerer (actually, it has to be ~3mm less because someone is going to point that out).

    40mm is pretty standard for a stem, headsets... "zero stack" is a designation for how it fits into the frame, more than a indication of the stack height. Spacers are usually in there to allow some adjustability of stem height (by moving a spacer above or below the stem).

    Is the fork new? If so, no problem. Steerer tubes are longer than you need from the factory, you cut them to whatever length you need (there are a number of ways to go about figuring out the correct length, I just assemble everything on the uncut steerer, then mark the top and cut 3mm below that. If you do this method, include some [many] spacers - it's easy to cut more, but pretty hard to un-cut if you make it too short).

    If you are replacing things on an existing bike, I'd measure the steerer you have and use that to work out the max stack height you have to work with. Be aware that if you bought a fork used it may have been cut too short for your frame and just will not work.

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