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    Paint fade Newbie help.

    My dilemma has been whether or not to put on a frame saver kit I got from My new bike has a satin finish (pics attached) and Iím worried about paint fade over time when removed. Any one experience this? Also I know probably to do the downtube definitely. And chain stays upper and lower, and cranks, and other spots where heels might hit, also small patches where cables might rub and inside the frame where when you take your tires on and off bc disc brakes can cause nasty scratches if you hit them. Iím not sure if I want to do the top tube though bc of this paint fade dilemma over time. First itís a very odd shape and taper to cut a stencil for and to wrap around. Anyone have problems with chips, scratches, or paint wear on the top tube with out it? Anyone put it on the front of your forks? This newb needs some advice. Also Iím loading the bike on a roof rack due to center exhaust nightmares Iíve read on my cars forum with bikes and hatch racks and hitch racks. So itís prone the head on hits from stones from cars. Any advice here? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!!
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    I have been riding for close to 30 years and I only use tape to protect my headtube from cable housing, my chain stay and on the bottom of the down tube. I don't worry much the top tube at all.

    Don't worry about colour fading. it just adds more characters to the bike. You are showing the world that you have ridden your bike!!unless you ride your bike every day and keep your bile directly under the sunlight, the paint isn't going to fade quickly.

    I know it is your first new bike, but you are mountain biker now, don't sweat the small stuff.
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    If you wear knee pads, they can rub on the top tube. Otherwise, it's just for crash protection AFAIK.

    No ideas on the roof rack except don't forget to NOT drive into the garage!

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    I've used Invisiframe and Chameleon Skin in the past. I buy used frames and the re-sell them a couple of years later, so I'm keen to mitigate scuffs and scratches.

    Unfortunately, the recent trend of satin finish makes scuff marks super-easy, whereas the older, glossy finishes seem to wear better. I believe many frame protection manufactures offer satin decals, as gloss decals will really stand out on a bike with an overall satin finish.

    I've switched to a bottom support (wheels in scoops) hitch rack, but my previous one use to support the bike via the top tube. This inevitably scratched the tubes quite a bit. Even being gentle won't remove the tiny grit/sand that will be on the frame and/or rubber supports. If you already have the kit, there's no harm in covering the underneath of the top tube if your rack was like my old one.

    I'd recommend covering rub areas on other parts of the frame with patches as well, at a minimum. It's cheap and easy.

    As for fade/discoloration, unfortunately that's the one piece I cannot help you on. I sell my bikes with the protection on, and have never removed them. That said I store my bikes indoors, so there is no long-term exposure. The better kits use the same product used for automotive application, so there is typically UV protection built in. A lot of very expensive cars have a similar treatment as a "clear bra", with no ill-effects, at least in the short term. There may be some preparatory work on the surface before installation though.

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    Thanks everyone. I went ahead and applied to down tube, chain stains, where my heels rub and some other parts. Itís not the easiest thing to put on. Took forever even with a hair dryer to heat it up. Hardest part is getting it perfectly aligned and I donít see a way to keep all air bubbles out. Definitely doesnít look at perfect as YouTube videos show at a distance of course. And I bought the matte kit and it still looks somewhat shiny. If I had to do it again Iíd probably go with a custom kit from invisiframe pre-cut to your specific bike frame that you use a spray bottle with soapy water so you can move it around. Crankskins YouTube videos did not do this, just hair dryer and rub. And I only peeled back a little of the paper backing at a time and rub it down. It wasnít easy, but itíll work till next time I have to do it lol. And the bike rack I bought was the Yakima high road. Itís holds your bike by big hoops over your front tire that pull down on the tire by a torque mechanism that holds it real tight and a rear wheel ratchet strap. I bought the smart slot kit to fit into the slots on the Aero bars bc I was weary of the strap mechanism on the high road (look it up on YouTube itís odd), but didnít work with Thule slot placement on their aero bars. So I used the straps and to my surprise this thing holds so tight to the Aero bars. You would never think so watching how they work. So easy to take on and off in minutes. Thereís a cable lock hidden in a slide space and a loop on the front holder for a ulock too and the bike rack itself locks to the roof rack. Expensive considering you have to purchase lock cores separately just like Thule products, but itís real quality and works awesome. Only real gripe is when the arms fold down when not in use they donít lock in place. So if you wanna take a quick trip to the store without the bike you have to strap down the wheel holders. I use a loop bungee with a ball on it. Works great. Well Iíve rambled enough thanks everyone!!

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