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    Other peoples riding places.

    So I went on a nice hike. My GPS and map and compass went off the beaten trail. Out in the middle of nowhere I found someones riding area. There was a small pump track a few ladders some really cool drops that all seemed to have been made in the past year and used within the last few months.

    I did nothing to this place but it got me wondering what are the rules about peoples secret riding areas? This one is out in the national forest miles from anything but it is not my sweat money (lumber was used that was fresh) and time in it. Is there a rule about these places?

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    The first rule of fight club......

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    Don't know if this applies here?

    Also, I don't see the harm in playing around there as long as you leave it in the same shape that you approached it.

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    I would make sure that it is actually in the boundry of the National Forest. I ride some equestian/hiking trails in my local National Forest but the best trails dip off of those onto private property. I was leary the first time I went on it but I ended up seeing another rider on there and he made the paths, its his families hunting ground and he didnt mind at all. He was glad someone else was enjoying his trails...Now I help him build others and maintain the trails as well.
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    If it is on public land go ahead and use it. Don't change anything. If you want to make a habit out of riding there try to find out who built it and offer to help.

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    Well, whoever built it will not be pleased to see that you have discovered their spot. Don't ride it until you make contact with the trail boss. He probably worked all winter and will start riding it again soon, now that things should be drying up. Riding a damp spot that the builder isn't even riding yet is VERY uncool!
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    If it is on USFS land, hopefully you're not using it when the rangers find it...."but officer, I just found it, I didn't build it".
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    If it's public land, whoever built it has no "right" to use it. If it's a legit trail with administrative approval, then if it is open to bikes you can ride there. I am no fan of people who build without permission on public lands. Being possessive about illegally constructed trails is almost as bad as building them in the first place.

    I'm sure I will get plenty of flack for this, but if I happen to stumble upon a trail system built illegally in the middle of a local National Forest or other public land I am going to call it into the ranger. I've seen too many grom-built "spots" constructed with no consideration of ecological effects, such as slope stability and proximity to riparian areas.

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