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    Noob Question, Upgrade handlebar on Schwinn Sidewinder?

    thinking of getting a schwinn sidewinder ... e/21191091. My questions are

    1) is the handlebar upgradable on it?
    2) I want taller handlebars that would be more comfortable for me and give me a more upright position, how do i do that? Do i just buy taller handlebars or do i need these things call "Risers" that i've heard about?
    3) if the answer to 1 is yes, then What know what type of handlebar can i use to replace it? what dimensions, etc?

    Thanks in advance
    -A stupid Noob

    P.S plz dont' write responses telling me not get a walmart bike, i just want answers to my questions, not buying advice. If you don't have answers or ADvice relating to the post, don't reply, simple as THAT!

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    Welcome to the sport and MTBR.

    Bikes nowdays typically have what is called "1 1/8-inch threadless headset". The bike you link to has a threaded quill-type headset. Upright/prone positioning is a function of not only the handlebar height, but the fore-aft position of the handlebar. Closer to the seat makes for a more upright position. A high handlebar that is too far away will be difficult to ride.

    Headset adjustment | Ride On

    The new threadless system is much easier to find components for. You can adjust handlebar height by adding or removing spacers from under the stem. You can adjust the fore-aft position and height by turning the stem over so it slopes down, and can buy longer or shorter stems of various angles, or even adjustable stems.

    You MAY be able to buy different quills for the threaded system. I don't know that much about the threaded system, but can safely say that your choice will be limited if you can find them.

    That said, measure the diameter of the handlebar, and if you can find one of the same diameter, it should work. Here is a bar with a lot of rise that would fit my '98 Schwinn that has a threaded headset.

    Bontrager: Hi-Rise (Model #00311)

    But, unless you are going to use the bike as a beach cruiser, I am guessing it would not be practical for mountain biking.

    Another "adjustment" to be aware of is the length of the handlebars. Around here, unless you are a really broad-shouldered guy, people typically cut about an inch off each end because we have a lot of narrow trails with trees. Bars from name-brand companies tend to be long, since they are easy to shorten but impossible to lengthen.

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    Quill type stems have some adjustment for up and down, be aware that when you move the stem you are moving the cables also ,that can change the adjustment .There is a line on the stem telling you not to go above it. There are adapters out there that will let you put threadless stem on a quill fork.

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