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Thread: night ride

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    night ride

    I work late and get up late but i have been taking rides late at night after i get off
    is there anything i should know or have as far as equipment to go on my night rides
    does anyone else ride after dark or am i an idiot

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    You' re not an idiot, Night Riding is great. If your riding by yourself, make sure someone knows where you are riding and when you should be home, just in case. Also, invest in a good light, it may seem like a huge amount of money up front, but it's cheaper than an emergency room visit. If you are someone who likes to DIY and wants to build your own light or upgrade batteries, etc.. and save a few bucks, check out the light forum.

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    A good light is a must, 2 are better. Helmet mount definatly, handle bar mounted preferable.

    Take a spare light in the backpack (just a torch) incase you have problems on the trail.

    Clear lens glasses, not rose or yellow. When you have a small amount of light to see with it's not a good idea to block some of that light off from your eyes by wearing yellow lenses.

    Warm clothes just in case you get break the bike and have to walk out.

    If you are riding to the trailhead a couple of good rear lights as well.

    Night riding rocks but if your not prepared you can get in trouble.
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    good set of lights on the handlebar and my so call backup light on my helmet. i find my times are quite comparable to daytime riding ... maybe beacuse you are just concentrating on the trails illuminated in front of you ...

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    get a rear light as well so motorists can see you. they are cheap so there is no reason not to have one. a good headlight is a must.

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    I got a killer 3 watt headlamp at Target on sale for $24.99....takes 3 aa's and the battery pack in on the back of the headband and has a red blinky built into it. The blinky has it's own switch so it is optional. The main light on the front has it's own switch and does high, med,low beams and flashing too. You can see for over 100yards.

    I also run at least 1 or 2 handlebar mounted lights and a red flasher on my seatpost......carry extra batteries whatever you run just in case.

    Last year I logged over 800miles at night. It's peaceful and quiet.

    I carry a nice big pocket knife just in case of some disgruntled hobo out on a trail. I've had a few weird close calls where people were acting up at night. Usually vagrants.

    Edit: I mounted the headlamp to my dedicated night riding helmet.
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    Carry at least two lights, one of them either helmet mounted or "miner's lamp", to have both your hands free in case you need to fix something during the ride. Get a shirt with convenient pockets or wear a waistbag. So you will have where to put tools and small parts while doing repairs. Otherwise things tend to get lost in the darkness.
    Be particularly careful, approaching sharp turns at speed. Sometimes the light, reflected from shrubs or whatever is right in front of you, may be dazzling, causing loss of orientation.

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