Newbie question on transplanting parts from one frame to another.-
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    Newbie question on transplanting parts from one frame to another.


    First post on this forum.

    Basically im after purchasing a Kona kikapu deluxe frame to add to my collection,
    This is going to be my project over the winter.
    There are a couple of things im unsure of so im hoping some people can help me out.

    I have 2 bikes one i use and one i dont.

    So im want to strip down my old bike, clean up the parts and install them on my Kona.

    My first question is does the BB have to be specific for each bike? For instance the bike that ill be taking the parts of is a Giant boulder sports team series.
    All the parts on this bike were converted to Shimano Deore, so im assuming that i have a Shimano ISIS BB to suit my Deore Crank arms?

    Is it just a case for me to take them off the giant and install them on the Kona are will my chain guide be out of place if the BB isnt long enough?

    It will be my first build, im quite mechanically good so im pretty confident on not running into too many problems.

    I hope i explained myself ok.

    Any other tips or hints feel free to fire them up.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't think there should be an issue. Most BB's are getting pretty universal with only a shim needed if the frame is different. Plus most frames are running the same size. I believe deore is octalink and not isis. But whatever, you are using the same crankarms they match, all good. There are only a couple of issues I can think of. Like the headset. Some have integrated and some are zero stack and some are aheadsets. But you might want to replace that anyway. What about the frame geometry? You make the stem longer if it's too short for the new bike (well there are adaptors but I don't recommend that). Seat post size may be an issue. Most are 26.8 or 27.2 (if you have a 26.8 you can use a shim for the 27.2) I have a bike that runs a 27.0, so of course you can't shim that and I had to get a post.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I will be installing a new headset on the bike, not sure which one the Kona uses but ill try find ňut which headset they use.

    Ill be doing most of the work over xmass as im off collage for a month so i can take my time assembling it.

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