Newbie in desperate need of help with 1st bike choice!-
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    New question here. Newbie in desperate need of help with 1st bike choice!

    Hello all,

    Iím new to MTBR, and basically to mountain biking altogether, so forgive my lack of knowledge in these areas! Some of my friends do mountain biking, and Iím keen to join them. Iím looking for a decent bike that will take a bashing, but will not break the bank, so Iíve come here to seek advice from experienced bikers.

    Budget : £200-£400 (if possible! Ė Iím on a really tight budget, and over £400 would be pushing it. It would be great if I could find a bike online which had been reduced loads (into this price range), so I can get a really good value for money, so if anyone knows some good deals on possible bikes, please post links for them!)

    Will use on roads, tracks, and trails (forests), and possibly move into some more daring stuff later on.

    I know the right size frame for me so that shouldnít be a problem.

    Iíd really like some good disc brakes because I think theyíd be really beneficial (what do you think?), but will they make it a higher price, out of my price range?

    Obviously full suspension would be great, but looking around the forum it seems thereís no point getting one at this price range, as it would be poorly built, poor quality etc

    Bikes Iím considering:

    I really have very little idea!! Iíve seen so many threads Iíve lost track of all the options! Please, please, please post possible options (and websites to buy from if thatís OK), It would be greatly appreciated!!

    I went to my local bike store and they recommended the Dawes XC 1.4, as a good solid entry level bike. Iíve started a thread in the bikes and frame area about this bike, and its specs, as I thought it fitted better there, but please feel free to help there too!!

    I would love any and all help, thanks in advance.

    PS I live in the UK, if that makes any difference.

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    I would look for a used hardtail off of e-bay myself, but if thats what you can afford, buy it
    and have fun until money improves. Welcome to Mountain Biking.

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    Buy used, locally.

    Having riding friends gives you a leg up on a lot of people who post here, who seem not to have friends. Let alone friends who ride.

    Better-funded or more addicted cyclists usually go through a few bikes over time. Talk to your friends. See who has a bike to sell you. Phone your local shops and see if anyone carries used bikes. I don't know if you have Craig's List in the UK, but that's another resource I'd still choose over EBay. EBay is an option too, but bikes are something I prefer to see in person.

    Disc brakes are nice, especially if you'll be riding in crappy weather. If you want disc brakes in future, make sure the bike you buy has them now, even if they're not great - putting nice disc brakes on a bike with crappy brakes is usually relatively simple - you need new brakes, maybe new brake levers if you're changing from mechanical to hydraulic. Putting disc brakes on a bike that came with rim brakes is sometimes impossible, and usually requires replacing a lot more componentry.

    Good luck!
    "Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades." -Eddy Merckx

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    I would encourage you to ride several different brands/models. Beyond the basic frame size measurement, you may find that the fit and feel will vary widely. If you have a place that rents bikes, you could try a few of those out.

    Disc brakes: a little more hassle but differently worth it, particularly if you are in a hilly or wet region.

    Hybrid bike: I am not a fan of these. If you are going to be off road, a small change in price can get you into something with a more durable build. A used "real" mtb, as said above, could be best. Buying new might have a few tunes ups included, which might be nice depending on how handy you are. Look for last year's model on sale to maximize the value.

    Have fun: start somewhere and reevaluate your needs once you are comfortable on the bike and develop ideas on what you would like to upgrade or change.

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    Look for a good brand name bike on Gumtree - Specialised, Cannondale, Giant etc. Try not to buy a stolen one though! Ask at least one friend to help you pick a bike.

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    Hey, me newbies also.
    I'm from Malaysia, and wondering is the brand Polygon nice?
    Because most of the shop here selling this brand...

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