New to Forums and Choosing New Bike-
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    New to Forums and Choosing New Bike

    Hi guys, I just found this forum and decided to say hi! I was an avid rider all throughout high school, but have stopped for about 6 years now, I would like to get back into it and want some advice about suggestions for a new bike you guys would have.

    I'm 24 years old, 5' 10'', about 195 lb.

    I'm looking for a good trail bike, I'm not doing any crazy trails until I get comfortable again but moderate riding in local hills and easy lower impact bike trails. I will also use it as a light commuter to the gym and around town, 2-10 mile one way trips.

    I'm looking to spend around $500-600, but if something nice comes up, I'd be willing to go up to about $700.

    I don'y have a lot of experience with different brands but have been researching diamondback and found two models which look interesting:

    2013 DB Overdrive 29 in wheel: $500-600 depending on store
    2013 DB Recoil 29 in wheel:$640-700 depending on store

    I would love to hear suggestions and maybe some input about different brands, if all goes well and I decide to get serious I will be looking into getting something nicer in the future but I am just looking for something to get me into the sport again at the moment.

    P.S. I most likely will not have a chance to do a proper test ride considering I will most likely be purchasing on-line due to a lack on bike shops in my area. Also, I'm not opposed to buying used but I'm always a little hesitant about used equipment because of bad past experiences. Thanks Again guys!!!

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    I'm older than you but recently got back into the sport after a break of over 5 years. The type of riding you describe is exactly what I was looking for too but you quickly get into it and want more. If you are buying online then the Airborne Guardian sounds perfect for your purposes and is right in your budget range.

    Airborne Bicycles. Guardian

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    So I am considering the guardian and overdrive, I looked into cannondale and was not impressed with the reviews with the trail 6, although I like the idea of a full suspension bike I think I'll be staying away from the db recoil and getting a hard tail in the same price range.

    Any more suggestions would be great, and any tips for starting this hobby again!

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