My first "proper" bike build-
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    My first "proper" bike build

    I havent really ridden a bike for the last 10 years or so. But i felt like i should get back in the game. I missed it alot. So i went looking.

    Earlier this year i got my hands on an old beat up Merida Matts TFS 100. The parts on it was completely shot. So i stripped it and rebuilt it with simplicity. I went Deore all over with both front and rear derailluer. Hell. Even the V brakes was deore. It was okay i guess. But it really bothered me that there was so much wasted potential in it. The V brakes was bugging me. So much force used to get results. And it didnt matter what i did to it. The gears just wouldnt run properly. One night riding home at around 4 in the morning. My very very wet bike decided to throw off the chain on me in a turn. Feet slipped off the pedals. Long story short i wrecked it and basically paralyzed my shoulder for a week.

    So i stripped it again.

    First build. Sorry for phone picture.

    Heres how it stands now.

    Im having a few issues though. The rear hub might be shot. Im not sure. Theres drag in the freewheel. Pedals wants to go with the rearwheel if i dont have my feet on them. It rides fine. But it might be something more.. Yea. Expensive.

    Also. I dont really have any brakes on it yet. So cant ride it. I got a really cheap set of Juicy Ultimates with a blown rear tube. Just gotta figure out if the caliper is good or not. Front works fine.

    Also want to replace the front tire with another hookworm. Anyone have any experience with the hookworms? I wont ride this bike extreme. Jumping off buildings or anything crazy. Just a nice commuter.

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    I can't help with much, but maybe with the wheel. It's a old bike and probably does not have sealed bearing. That could mean that the axle is to tight (it is a fine line between to tight, loose and just right with old school hubs) and the bearings are crushed in there. inspect the bearing, replace or lub if necessary. there also might be some grass, string or other crap stuck in there.

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