Mountain Biking Essentials(Newbie)-
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    Mountain Biking Essentials(Newbie)

    What are the essentials I need as a new mountain biker? I have some things from being a road biker. Thank you

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    Depends. If you were a pretty self-sufficient road rider, you can pretty much use the same stuff, except for pedals. Pedals too if they were MTB pedals and you feel ready to go straight to clipless, something I don't recommend for new off-road riders.

    Some riders will look at you funny if you're wearing full matching kit. But whatever. I do it fairly frequently. Baggy shorts over your road shorts until you don't wipe out all the time aren't a bad idea. A fitted jersey and baggy shorts is a fashion disaster; up to you if you care. Some mountain bikers use camel baks. I don't anymore, for basically the same reasons that I don't on a road bike. If your skin is particularly precious to you or you tend to be way too aggressive, elbow/forearm guards and knee/shin guards are a good idea. Shin guards are a good idea for everyone riding flat pedals, IMO, at least to begin with. You can make your own decision after you've scarred up your guards (or not.)

    If you were a ******y road rider with a cell phone instead of tools and no ability to change a flat or fix a broken chain, you need to get over yourself, learn to do those things, and carry the necessary tools and spares.
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    Read the stickie.

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    FiveTen shoes a must!!
    decent pedals like DMR Vaults or DMR V12s if you dont want to spend to much.
    elbow pads and knee pads
    I ride with a evoc and for me its a must esp on the long rides, it keeps me hydrated and I can get all my tools and snacks in aswel
    a GOOD lock
    also a good helmet
    a decent set of tyres if you havent got some have a look at maxxis

    any questions please feel free to contact me

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    same exact things you carried on your road bike.

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    I wear the similar kit and clothes as the road. Since I ride MTBs more in the winter we are bundled up anyway.

    Your repair kit is similar but you want to carry a good multitool. Also a spare chain quick connect or two. And I use a pump vs CO2 since it takes two to fill a 29er tire. $$$$!

    I don't wear a camelbak but my XL frame has two bottle holders. You might want a hydration pack for more than 1 hour rides.

    Full finger gloves might be nice except in the summer.

    Of course, as mentioned, you should get mtb pedals and shoes with some cleats. I like the Sidi Dominator but they aren't good for running.

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    I tend to carry more stuff as an MTB'er, than as a Roadie. I figure, worse comes to worse, If I'm 40 miles out on the road, I can always hitch a ride from someone as a roadie. If I were 40 miles out on a trail, mountain, ettc. The only option is to walk back. So, for me, if I planned on going a long distance as an mtb'er, I would carry an extra tire, as well as patches, chain links/master links, etc,
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    I like to keep a printed copy of the trail map w/ me. When riding new trails, it really helps to find out where you are and how to get back if you missed a turn, etc. On trails I've ridden before, it's just cheap insurance in case you need to find a faster way out.
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    Many good thoughts already. So, I'll just add a new one. A derailleur hanger and a chain tool. If you wreck your derailleur you'll want to try and recover the ability to shift. Usually your hanger is bent enough to warrant a replacement. If you can't get the derailleur back going, you will want to do a ghetto conversion to a single-speed. So, shorten your chain with the chain tool and find a good "pedal-able" gear that avoids frame rub. On a hard tail you should be able to ride out. If you are on a FS, you may want to throw in a cheap tensioner or a spare derailleur. As you can see it stacks up, so I definitely agree with a Camelbak that can carry some stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moldau94 View Post
    Read the stickie.
    Agreed, here's the link:

    Hours, and hours of reading in there...

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    My experience on the road is, you always break what you don't have the tool to fix. Unfortunately you can't carry everything in every circumstance. My plan is to help others and hope that when I need it, they can help me. You can also meet some interesting people stopping to help out a fellow biker.

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    New pants.

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    Yeah, I agree with everything said. In my experience a spare tube, Pedro's tire levers, a pump, and a multi-tool are essential. But, I figured that out by trial and error. Also, a spare chain link comes in handy and is easily stored in a pack. I love riding with a pack/camel bak and honestly can't see myself riding without one anytime soon. If I were to get into racing or something, I would prob think about it. But I love having 100 oz of fluids and more room to store stuff. I quickly forget I'm wearing it and the last thing I need to be worried about with my (lack of) skills is the extra weight of a pack. Personal preference tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trek7100 View Post
    What are the essentials I need as a new mountain biker? I have some things from being a road biker. Thank you
    First things first. You'll need to invest in a mountain bike. Your road bike will be trashed after only a mile or so. If it even makes it that far!
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    I use a camelbak if I am going out for the day. I also have a bottle holder if I am going on shorter trips, or road trips. Always carry my EDC knife, and a park tool. Always carry my cell phone in case of emergency's.

    As for clothes I wear normal gym attire, and my lighter running shoes(reeboks) Im sorta new to serious trail riding, but I have been riding for years.

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