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    mixing brakes and discs from different vendors

    I have an Avid Elixir 3 brakes and there's something wrong with them: need rebleeding, pistons damaged and stuck etc.
    On the other side, I have a good offer on Shimano XLS M666, but without the disc.

    Can I use the disc (180mm) from the old brakes?
    Can I actually mix parts on brakes from different vendors?


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    Yes ,if they set up the same . Most calipers use a spacer to match the size of the rotor. I would check the pad engagement to make sure though.

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    i used whatever rotors came with my elixir 5's with xt brakes with no problem.

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    Yes and no. For example, Magura rotors are a little bit thicker than most other brands. Makes using Magura rotors difficult on brakes that use thinner rotors.

    Shimano rotors have a narrower braking track than Avid's rotors. I used Shimano rotors on some BB7's for awhile. Problem here is that the pads overhang the braking area of the rotor. Eventually, the pads will contact each other without gripping the rotors sufficiently. What happens is that the pads wear more quickly, and you have to periodically remove them and sand them down to avoid that terrible safety problem.

    Going the other way around, using Avid rotors on Shimano calipers, is less of an issue. As long as the Shimano pads line up with the braking surface on the rotor completely, they'll be okay. But over time, you will wear a groove in the rotor's braking surface. This can be an issue if your bike has adjustments built into the frame for either the caliper or the wheel like horizontal dropouts, slotted disc caliper mounts, and things like that.

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    I use the HS1 rotors off ebay with my SLX calipers. No issues and a replacement rotor if ever needed is cheap.

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