Maintenance Question - Hydraulic brakes making wheel Twist-
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    New question here. Maintenance Question - Hydraulic brakes making wheel Twist

    Hi all.

    first post - and with a evil question!

    I've been riding a Kona Hoss 2007 for 3 months now, totalling about 300 miles on it on 6 mile there and back rides to work over cross country and roads.

    Unfortunately, last week I had to slam on my brakes for a dog, and to my horror I saw my front wheel go about 10 degrees from true, which worried the hell out of me!

    I've been scavenging around on the forums for help, and have tried the following to fix it:

    1) Check Quick release setting - OK.
    2) Check Spokes- Ok
    3) Check Cones.
    I've tried, but for the life of me i just cannot get the locknuts to move either on or off the axle using the correct tools - which to me means their as tight as they can be.

    I've tried to book it in for a service, but the 3 bike shops near me can't do anything for 3 weeks - which really sucks.

    So has anybody got any other ideas as to what I can try to fix it?



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    so is your wheel still out of true??? are you sure your fork wasnt just flexing under load? hmm, i dont see how you wheel could get that out of true just from braking.

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    useing the brakes shouldnt put the wheel out of true. cuz all hte force of stopping is put onto the hub not the rim and spokes. and if the hub is stopping then the sheel will follow it. so somehting else probably kicked it out of true.

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    i dont know if it will help or not, but my rear tire would rub against the frame when i pedaled hard on my bike...i didnt really know what to do (not expert on bike parts..and still not much of a whiz on them still today) so i took off the back wheel and was actually able to pull the hub (i think thats what it was) two peices? well, i knew something was wrong when a bunch of little balls from the bearing started falling out, so i was able to get them all and off the LBS i went...i think what he said was i broke my hub in half....and since i got it replaced, it doesent rub anymore...
    i had also taken it on the trails that day too (before i found out the hob was broken) and was wondering why it was harder than regular to climb the hills...
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    Should your balls sit in front of the saddle or on the saddle? Im a bit confused.

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    Check for frame flex- although if a frame flex is causing a wheel to go out of true- you may have to worry about things.

    Is the rotor mounter properly? Is the caliper and rotor aligned correctly?

    Is the wheel still out of true, or does it temporarily become true when you are braking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by InvictaS1
    so is your wheel still out of true??? are you sure your fork wasnt just flexing under load? hmm, i dont see how you wheel could get that out of true just from braking.
    Nah, wheel runs nice and true - no problems with that.

    That's what worries me - i'm not sure if the axle is flexing, but since i can't get the cones open to take a look i'm stuck. With the bike stationary, there is no play in the wheel at all.

    I'll try and get a video off it happening - scares the bejesus out of me.


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    It is fork flex. You are putting a hell of a lot of force on the left side of the fork when you apply brakes for an emergency, and QR drop-outs and hubs aren't really designed to take those kind of forces, so they flex.This tendency to flex increases as your weight and pressure on the front brake increases. This is totally normal but it probably will end up damaging parts in the long run.

    You can't do anything about it except switch to a 20mm axle setup which is a ton stiffer than your current 9mm QR system.

    Or you can switch your front hub and put a bolt on axle on it, it will help a bit with stiffness and cost around 15 bucks.

    Try and emergency stop again and watch your fork legs, you'll see the left one going back and the right one going forwards a bit.

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