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    Help Starting A New Hobby

    Hello all,

    I've finally decided to start mountain biking so I started by doing some research. I found out that I should avoid department store bikes because they suck. So I looked at what I could find at my local bike shops. I found a shop that sold Trek bikes, so decided to get a Trek (also cause I read a lot of good reviews). However, now I can't decide which bike is right for me. My budget is $700-800 and from what I read people recommend front-suspension (to learn how to control your bike with your body as opposed to full suspension) and disc brakes (more durable). Since a bike is not the only thing I'm going to need (helmet, gloves, rack, etc.) I'm looking for a bike thats around $400-600. I liked the 3700 disc by Trek when I looked online, but when I stopped at the shop today the salesperson recommend the Gary Fisher Marlin. From what I understood is that the Marlin is a 29er and is supposed to be faster and handle better.

    I'm mainly going to be using the bike at singletrack trails in North Carolina and I may use it occasionally to ride to campus (~10mi from home), so in this case which Trek bike would be best for me ?

    It was hard to decide from reading reviews cause every person that owned the bike I was reading about thought that it was "the best bike ever" or "the bang for the buck" and I don't really know what other way to compare bikes because I really don't know what the different components are and how they can be better or worse..

    I also heard that I should stay away from the low end since I'm going to be spending +$300 on aftermarket components..

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    You're smart to question their "reviews". Most people with an entry level bike haven't ridden another bike, so they have no basis for comparison. Plus, many will rate a bike high because it makes them feel better about their purchase decision.

    Many people like 29er's, but they're not for everyone. Nobody will be able to tell you which one you will prefer - try them out. It would also be smart look at other options, such as other brands and recent model used bikes.

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    Be careful

    The Marlin is not a 29'er. I own a Fisher Marlin Disc. Now since the Gary Fisher's are a "Trek Collection" or whatever, I don't know if they're made any different. I wouldn't lock yourself into only looking at Trek's. Who cares about the brand, ride what feels good. Specialized, Giant, GF, and others make solid bikes. You need to ride the bikes yourself to get a good feel for them. Pick the one that feels the best. I had a "budget" too when I looked. Bought the 09 marlin disc for 640 and ended up spending close to 1000 when it was all done. Just ride different bikes to get a feel. When you have narrowed your selections, then read some reviews, but I wouldn't rely too heavily on them.

    Hope this helps

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