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    HardTail vs Full Suspension - Price Comparison

    A decent full suspension starts at $2000 (accorindg to various online sources) - Correct me if I am wrong.

    My question would be what would be an equivalent Full Suspension price, for a Hard Tail price of $1200 ?

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    That's going to vary some and there's no neat rule.

    Best way to make the comparison is to look yourself at each brand's offerings and see if they offer a hardtail with a comparable component build to some of their full suspensions to get a rough idea of the price jump from adding a rear shock and suspension linkage. They might not, which makes it tougher to compare between brands because once you start comparing between brands. So it'd be easier to move to a different brand that DOES have a hardtail with a comparable build to at least one full suspension model they offer. And what I mean by that is to make sure as many components as possible are identical between the bikes.

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    For new FS bikes around $2k, they are typically entry level for that market. You might find some good bargain FS bikes around $2k but in general, you find better models around the $3k price tag and higher.

    It also comes down to what you are looking for as well. A Specialized Stumpjumper ST starts around $2K with some mid-level components and shorter travel but models at $3k or higher typically have different parts for trail riding and more travel. Some people are fine with a Stumpjumper ST for XC or adventure riding while others want a more robust trail bike and stick with the standard SJ models instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocimetry View Post
    My question would be what would be an equivalent Full Suspension price, for a Hard Tail price of $1200 ?
    I'm not entirely sure what the question is here, but I think youre asking what would be a full squish bike with equivalent quality, components, etc. to a $1,200 hardtail.

    I'd say it's around a $2,000 full suspension bike that has similar components to a $1,200 hardtail.

    Marin Hawk Hill 2 - SX/Recon, $2,000
    Marin Nail Trail 6 - SX/Recon, $1,350
    Salsa Spearfish - Deore/Recon $2,000
    Salsa Timberjack - Deore/Suntour, $1,250

    My opinion... don't buy a $2,000 full suspension bike
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_joe View Post
    My opinion... don't buy a $2,000 full suspension bike
    I'd tend to agree. Maybe not for the same reasons you'd hear elsewhere, though.

    It has to do with suspension SETUP.

    On a full suspension bike, suspension tuning/adjustment is a lot more important than it is for a hardtail. On a FS bike, you have two to worry about, and the adjustments need to complement each other so that the bike works well as a whole. You don't want the rear end fighting what the front end is doing, so you can't just set them up in isolation from each other. Less expensive forks/shocks have fewer adjustments, the adjustments they do have tend to be a bit less effective, and a lot of riders simply can't get them to work how they need. There's a subset of skilled riders who can't get any stock suspension to work how they want, so they spend extra for custom tuning and aftermarket add-ons to get their suspension to behave how they want. The more (and better) adjustments you have, the more likely you are to be able to set up your suspension best for you.

    In a hardtail, there's less going on so suspension setup doesn't need to take as much into account, but ride quality still benefits from better suspension for sure. If my budget was $2k, I'd rather have a $2k hardtail than a $2k full suspension.

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