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    Hand pain while riding

    Hey guys,
    im new to dh, and everytime I go riding I experience a lot of pain while holding brakes. I have gloves and also try to press brake pads only when really needed, but still ... track is quite bumpy so i have to press on brakes quite often, and thd pain became very interfering for me
    sorry 4 bad english
    thanks 4 answers

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    Hello cvitko,

    Your English is likely much better than my attempt to speak your language. Welcome.

    By any chance, do you have Carpal tunnel syndrome from work? This would display as tingling/pain on the thumb and "brake lever" finger(s),

    With my "extensive" background of 3 months on a bike, I can share only two observations: Not all gloves are alike, and if I don't move my hands around every 5-10 minutes I have pain too. My first gloves didn't have a pad where the palm touches the handlebar, so bought some Mechanix vibration minimizing gloves from Amazon...

    Hope this helps

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    Most likely hand pain is caused by poor body position/bike setup. First thing I'd look at is the angle of the brake levers. This guy explains it fairly well.


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    What kind of brakes do you have?

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    1. Check for proper body position and brake levers setup. Check noaphaty's link.
    2. If that doesn't help much, you might consider getting padded gloves or more cushy grips.
    3. What brakes do you have? If you have mechanicals, hydros are much "softer" and easier to pull on the lever, while still getting the same or even better braking power.

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    Is the pain only when you are squeezing the brake lever? If ao, then as others have posted above, probably need improve the position of the brake lever so that your hand is not bent back at the wrist, which would mean rotating the brake lever downward more. In addition, moving the brake lever i ward more might allow you to contact the lever with your index finger near the end of the lever, which requires less gripping effort.

    Since it sounds like you use the brakes a lot you might take them to a shop for a proper bleeding. If there is a lot of air in the system the brake kever may feel mushy or you may have to squeeze it really hard to get stopping power.

    Proper position of levers, one finger use on the lever, good brake bleed, you are good to go.

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