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    Giant Trance Advanced 1 (2017) OR Scott Genius 740 (2018)

    Hey Legends!

    New to the forum, though I'm stuck between these two bikes and need some advice.

    I'm going to buy a trail bike very soon and I'm strung between two bikes.

    2017 Giant Trance Advanced Carbon
    The new Scott Genius 740 2018

    The Giant model has reduced from 6k down to 4k due to it being last years model and the Scott is also 4k for 2018.

    Obviously, the Giant is last years model, though the suspension is top of the line and the frame is also carbon compared to the Scott alloy frame and also the suspension seems to be better.

    What would you do and thoughts on this?

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    [sarcasm] Oh what a first world issue, the choice between 4 thousand dollar bikes for a beginner [/sarcasm]

    Sorry, just found it rather funny to see this question being asked in the beginner bike thread. The two biked do have thier plus and minus.

    The Giant is a carbon fibre frame, and so from that side it will be lighter, but you have to decide if you like the feel of carbon. It is different.

    The Scott in my opinion does have a slightly better group set. Its a 12 speed with a much wider gear ratio.

    I would not say you'd notice a bit of difference between the suspension on the two. What they have different is mainly cosmetic. Really you are deciding on if you want carbon or not.

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    As a beginner, roadkill does have a point that you're not likely to notice the differences in suspension. There ARE differences, but they pretty much have to do with tuning options. The better suspension on the Giant gives you more settings to tweak. Which may not necessarily be a good thing if you never use them and if you don't spend the time to set up your suspension.

    It's worth noting that the Trance frame is not 100% carbon. The rear triangle is still aluminum.

    I'm not sure I'd put all that much stock into Eagle being much better. If you want the range on the Shimano drivetrain, you can probably get an xD freehub body for the rear hub on the Giant and then put an e.13 TRS cassette on the back, which has more range than Eagle.

    The Giant comes with carbon wheels, which is a nice upgrade.

    One negative of the Giant, IMO, is their weird OverDrive steerer tube standard that NOBODY ELSE USES. It makes changing the stem length tricky, because not too many stems are available that will fit. IIRC, there are headsets that will fit that bike that allow you to use a standard tapered steerer fork, but that's not something I'd ever really consider doing unless I really had to change the fork for some reason.

    The Scott comes with a nice handlebar remote that will operate the compression damping knobs on both the fork and the rear shock at the same time. It's the "Twinloc" lever. Honestly, it's really the only handlebar mounted switch I'd ever care to have. But it's worth noting that it doesn't work with all forks/shocks so if you decide to upgrade those things later, your new one may not necessarily play nice with it.

    Personally, if it was me, I'd get the marked down Trance. It's something you can absolutely grow into. But to get the most out of it, you're going to have to spend some time learning the suspension settings and spend some time adjusting them to make sure your suspension is set up optimally for where and how you ride.

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    Hey mate, there is an individual Giant forum here on mtbr. A lot of people with a Giant Trance Advanced 1 can give you their own personal opinion. Same with the Scott.

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    Except the Giant owners tend to prefer the Giant, and the Scott owners tend to prefer ... the Scott.

    Nothing wrong with that, but suspect he'll get split responses.

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    I agree with Harold as far as specs go, the Trance has carbon wheels which is a nice and big upgrade over the Genius, Eagle over XT as far as range goes is neither here nor there for me, but I still prefer Shimano over SRAM.

    As to Harold's contention about Giant's overdrive system, I also hate/hated Giants OD2, but you need not worry, he is referring to OD2, not just plain OD which is what this has (basically their fancy word for tapered steerer), as Giant learned their lesson and abandoned the stupid 1.5-1.25" tapered steerers in favour of the industry standard 1.5'1.125" steerer and easy to find stem - you can double check on this, but AFAIK, that's the story.

    As to suspension, after watching the recent Bible of Bike test review of the Genius and the Twin Lock, I'm not so sure I'd like that as it's either or, not front or back or both. Also, quite a bit of difference between the GRIP and FIT4 dampers.

    If you can get a test ride, even in the parking lot, that would help a lot, as geo/fit could feel vastly different between the 2 and make the decision very easy, if not, for parts/spec alone I'd gone for the Giant. Also note that the Giant is a dedicated/regular 650B/27.5" wheeled bike, while the Scott uses 650B+/27.5"+ or 29" wheels.
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