Hello everybody,

Can anyone please help me with the below issue?

I am preparing to buy an MTB (as my two previous got stolen, which is normal here in Brussels..), and I have two models to choose from Ė the Montague Swissbike X70 and Paratrooper Pro (the one I had was a 2008 Paratrooper and I loved it, hence I want another one ).

Apart from the design they have slightly different specs, but after going through them and doing some research I still canít say which one is better for me.. I can get them for roughly the same price (actually the X70 is a bit cheaper here, even though itís MSRP is $200 higher), so it all comes down to the specs (though I do favor the design of the Paratrooper).

Could anyone please help me and describe in laymanís terms what are the practical differences? Iíd be using it for weekend forest excursions and commuting to work during the week, so nothing pro

The comparison chart is here (can't copy and paste it unfortunately, too big).

Thanks a lot in advance!!