Hello All,

I am just getting back into ridding after a 12yr run of being at Uncle Sams mercy. I have a '97 Specialized that I bought right before I joined the Army and finally have been able to get it from my parents house. I hope to have some fun before I want to upgrade and have to justify it to my wife that I really could use a new bike. I should be on here letting everyone know how my painful journey goes. I am stationed at FT. Knox in Kentucky but latter in the summer will be moving to Ft. Benning in Georgia. I would love to meet up with some other riders that can give me some incite into that skills needed to have some success.

I am planning on dropping the bike off at the LBS to give it a once over before I ride it so this weekend I should be able to hit the trail. My only fear is that the fork could be pretty shot from setting for so long. It is a Indy C, and I don't want to put alot of money into a bike that I am sure that I can have fun on, and save for a newer model next year.

Well enough for now, hope to hear from everyone soon.