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    I have a Rocks Shox Reba Front fork on my 2005 Trek EX7. It is also fitted with a Rocks Shox rear 3.3. I basically want to know exactly what the "gate" does. I am very familiar with suspension setup of street and dirt motorcycles. In that arena, we have springs(coil, NOT air), compression and rebound.

    MTB's seem to have a 'gate' setting. I have read the manuals. Still dont get it.

    On my rear shock, the blue lever controls lockout and it has three positions. Lockout, full open, and halfway AKA "gate". From what I can gather from the manual, it seems that most of my riding should be done while in the gate position because it is neither locked out nor fully compliant. Then there is the gold gate knob behind the blue lockout lever that controls the gate. Does the gate effect my rebound or spring/sag? Does it effect my shock even when blue lockout lever is full open and or closed?

    Then there is the front gate which is under a removable cap on the top of the right leg(near lockout lever) and it is controlled by a hex key. Same question I had for the rear shock apply to the front. Please give me some insight. THANKS!

    PS: which way should me quick release levers on my wheel axles face? It may not matter, but thought I would ask anyhow.

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    My shock has similar settings and I do most of my riding in the medium lock out setting, unless I am going downhill, then I switch the lever to full open.
    Also your quick release levers should be facing the rear of the bike that way they don't get snagged on something and open while riding.

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    "Gate" is a pretty generic term - it doesn't have a specific meaning.

    But what you're asking about is the lockout blowoff valve. (I think.)

    The engine on a motorcycle operates at a few thousand rpm. The engine on a bicycle operates in a much lower range. Most of us pedal somewhere between 60 and 100 rpm, and the power delivery is pretty uneven. This causes bicycles to bounce on their suspension. Locking out the suspension is one way to prevent that.

    The idea behind putting a suspension fork in a controlled lockout out setting is to lock out less forceful, lower-frequency hits, like those from the pedals, or from the front brake, but allow more forceful, higher-frequency hits, like trail chatter and obstacles, to make the fork compress.

    You're going to have to experiment with it to figure out what you like. I'd look especially at putting the gate at the lowest setting that doesn't bob when you sit and pedal with good technique, the lowest setting that doesn't bob when you climb out of the saddle, and the lowest setting that doesn't bob when you sprint. You're likely to have to compromise between pedaling efficiency (like being able to sprint all-out) and compliance.
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    Thank you fellas. I think I have the bike pretty well dialed in with sag settings front and rear at 20%. Feels great. Will have to play with the gate settings.

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    A gate is like a blow off valve, its not a total lock out, the shock/fork will still compress under a good hit, the gold knob adjusts the bob, I adjusted mine on the road where I could feel it best. I've had my fork blow off once and thoulgt it was a flat tire, I stopped, no flat, thought man that must have been a snake,LOL,, it was just the gate doing its job and saving my fork from blowing a seal.. good luck with it.. hope that helped..
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