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    Foot bruising?

    In a fit of boredom last night I got my old bmx dirt jumping bike out and went for a little street ride around the neighborhood. Theres some pretty good little concrete hips and other semi-natural forms that make for good riding. Anywho, after about an hour of riding I headed home. Upon waking up this morning I found my right foot to be in an extreme amount of pain and my whole arch black and blue. I was riding with the standard wellgo bmx flat pedals and running shoes, is this the culprit vs wearing biking/skate shoes like I used to or is there something else to be explained. Or could I have possibly just landed wrong off a jump? Ive never had this issue before.

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    It's impossible for anyone to say what caused it for sure without having been riding with you but I would suspect that you probably landed wrong or the culmination of landings you did during your session added up to the injury.

    In the future I can't recommend riding in running shoes, their added sole height means that if you were to have some foot issues they would be amplified like a lever arm. For example; if you roll your foot on a landing a little bit, the tall sole makes it so that your foot actually rolls a little more than if your shoes were thin. Also, the ramp of the shoe may have had an affect on things but I'm no expert. I would suggest picking up a cheap pair of skate/bmx shoes with a decently stiff sole for these sorts of rides.
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