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    Hi all,

    Just recently getting into MTBing and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for helmets, shorts, shirts, etc. and where to buy (online? LBS?). I think I want a full/face-protecting helmet, other than that I'm not sure what else is worth it (any protective EQ?). Thanks in advance!

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    A helmet is absolutely necessary. Unless your doing serious jumps and freeride stunts I think a full face helmet is overkill. They are heavy, hot and expensive. For regular mtn biking you will be much better off with a regular helmet. Either way get a helmet it could save your life.

    The crucial areas are where your body touches the bike. Shorts, Shoes and Gloves
    The most important is the shorts. Make sure you get something with a pad in it and don't wear underwear when you ride.
    Next for me is shoes. I recommend clipless pedals and clipless shoes. Firmer soled shoes are better for pedaling. Flexible shoes are better for walking and hike a bike.
    For gloves I like the full finger gloves with some terry cloth for wiping your nose.

    Shirt: Real cycling jerseys are nice but you can get a wicking tee shirt from walmart that will do the job for a lot less.
    Socks: I like the ones from Defeet.
    Eye wear: I don't wear it but many people swear by it.

    Clothing needs to fit well so it's best to try before you buy. Best place for that is your LBS. A very good LBS will have a good selection of clothing at a reasonable price. Problem is that an ordinary LBS will have a slim selection and high prices. Internet mail order places like nashbar, performance, price point, etc... will have super low closeout prices but you can't try before you buy so pick a place that has a good return and exchange policy or be very sure you order what you want.

    Good quality clothing is expensive but it will last a while. I can wear and wash a good pair of shorts once a week for several years before they wear out. My favorite are the Pearl Izumi Microsensor shorts for about 90.00 a pair. You get what you pay for.

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    Don't go too tight or you'll look [and feel] like a roadie...

    Hit the Fox Racing online store, or visit Race Face for great threads. Don't hesitate to look at MX gear as well if you want the protection.

    Goggles for eyes rock; won't fall off, provide great protection, and you can switch on many lense types.

    P.S. Check out the "Canadian Lumberjack" quickie section in the latest Bike mag for good suggestions.

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