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    CP: need some help with a FS bike

    Hello, I have found myself in an interisting situation. I currently have a 04 Ironhorse Warrior Sport, 2004 Specialized P.2 and a 2006 Specialized P.1 Cr-Mo. I just reciently picked up the P.1 because my P.2 was getting boring and starting to die. also I wanted the 24" in the back and I wanted something that I would just dirtjump and ride in the skatepark. I really love my P.2 and I am really good at shredding up the street with it. I am good at street on my P.2, good at other things on my P.1 and good at trails on my Ironhorse.

    I have been going bigger and bigger lately, a friend of mine and some others suggested that I ditch the P.2 and get a freeride FS bike. I do know that it is rather pointless having a P.1 and a P.2 but I use them for different things.

    I guess my question is, I need a nice FS bike. I really like the Kona Stinky though I dont have a job because I am in school. so I'm really short on cash, and I need a cheap, good, longtravel bike.

    one option I have been thinking about is to buy just a frame. like a used norco VPS or Kona Stinky frame and put most of the parts from my P.2 on there ( cranks, stem, bars, wheelset ETC... ) this way I would still have my P.2 but in addition to buying the frame I would also have to get a fork, and thats probably another 300 bucks.

    I was also thinking about getting either a Giant AC ( http://www.giantbicycles.com/us/030....sp?model=11035 ) or a Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki ( http://www.ironhorsebikes.com/freeri...za_aniki.shtml ) bolth of these bikes are in the pricerange I would get into. If I were to get one of these I would have to sell my P.2 and I would also sell my XC bike. that might get me 600 bucks and I could probably get the 400 somewhare.

    what do you think I should do ? if I were to build from my P.2 my budjet would be about $400.00-$600.00 and if I were to buy a new bike and sell my old ones my limit is about $1000.00 would the bikes I have choosen hold up ? I am looking into more freeride, downhill and agressive trail riding. any suggestions ?

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    Iron Horse thoughts

    There are some real deals to be had on the Iron Horse products. My understanding is that they are heave, but are a very good value. Rather than buy a frame and use the parts of the P2, if you can afford the iron Horse, I say buy it. You'll have your f/s freeride bike, and still keep the P2.

    Here's a steal on the Yakuza for $860.00. The banner at the top of the mtbr ad says $729!! I'd call and push them for that price.


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