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    Cockpit Adjustments

    I have about 100 miles on Giant Trance 27.5 I think I want to extend the cockpit just a bit. When I am in the saddle and getting low I feel like I want the seat back slightly. I have the seat as far back as the rails will allow. Here is where I need advice. As I see it I can try an offset seat post or get a longer neck. What are my other options? Which way you go and why?

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    It depends on what kind of extending you think you need, a setback seatpost will kinda do the opposite of what a longer stem will do; yes either one will extend the cockpit, but the geometry of your bike will change, thus your leg position and such.
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    Try the setback post. Sounds like you've got an idea where you want to be on the bike; go with it.

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    Your bike was built as a trail bike with emphasis on balance between climbing and descending. Installing a setback seatpost will put more weight on the rear wheel, thus, affecting your climbing. Additionally, if you install a longer stem or even inverting your existing stem with rise, it would put more weight to the front that will slow the handling down and make it push on the corners.

    These being said, modifying your bike may affect the geometry and the overall feel of the bike. Seek the help of a certified fit specialist to ensure you keep riding your bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slapheadmofo View Post
    Try the setback post. Sounds like you've got an idea where you want to be on the bike; go with it.
    I'd agree with this.

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    Three choices. Offset post, longer stem, putting the stem lower.

    I don't know which I'd do, I haven't ridden your bike, and I live in my body, not yours. But, I can probably help you narrow it down.

    When you put your pedals at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and lift your butt just off the saddle, do you find you have to move fore or aft to stay balanced, or can you pretty much lift straight up? Try to have as little weight on your hands as possible when you do this. You can even try letting go of the bars, although I value my teeth to much to take my hands away from them (and it would mess up the experiment anyway.)

    If you've already got your saddle position nailed, it would be counterproductive to move it much. Though, it doesn't sound like you do. Do you have a straight post? An offset post only has to be a $15 experiment, so not much risk and you could like it a lot better.

    Here's something on bike fit.
    How to Fit a Bicycle

    You might be a little more conservative about bar position than his recommendation, but in general I think it translates across all upright bicycles pretty well.
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    Since you say you need more room when in the saddle, the post gives you that without messing up the "feel" of the front end when you stand up. The post is the clear choice.

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    Have you tried lowering your seat just a bit? If it's too high, you'll tend to slide forward on the seat as you pedal. This might be enough to cause the feeling of a too small cockpit. Easy to try, if it doesn't work, I'd say go with a setback seatpost if that's what you think makes the best sense.

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