buying a new fork?? what to buy and how to look-
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    buying a new fork?? what to buy and how to look

    Im thinking about putting a decent fork on my gt outpost. Altogether the bike is pretty bad, but all in all I dont really mind. The only thing i want is a new fork, and maybe some new brakes. As far as looking for a fork, are they universal in size? or is it specific to the bike that you have? What price range (new) am i looking for in a solid mid level fork? where would be the best place to find one used? I just dont wanna pay retail at my LBS, sure they bump the price alittle, but not as much as used. So are they universal in size? If I bought one, would my lbs just me able to pop off the old one and put on the new one?

    And btw, how much would solid middle range brake setup cost?

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    We need a little more info to help.

    What year is your GT? And what fork is on there currently? What don't you like about it? What kind of riding do you do? (And ditto for brakes: what do you have currently? It's hard to recommend an upgrade w/o knowing what you want to upgrade from.)

    Many bikes nowadays have 1 1/8'' steerers, which is the part that needs to match with the headset and head tube. (There are some forks/bikes that have larger diameter steerers, tapered steerers, etc. but 1 1/8 is close to standard.)

    Another consideration is travel length. If your bike was designed for an 80mm fork, for example, you'll want to replace it with another 80mm fork. Increasing fork travel can make the bike handle poorly. (I learned this from experience recently.....)

    That said, the sky's the limit in terms of price. Check out and to get an idea of the range. Jenson often has closeouts and oem forks (oem means that the fork was mounted on a bike but taken off) that can be a bargain. I picked up an oem RS Recon 351 from Jenson for $200 and change a little while ago, and it's made a big difference. Depending on what you want in a fork and what deals you can find, expect to spend $200-$400 for a solid mid-level fork.

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