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Thread: Buying Bike

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    Buying Bike

    I am buying my first bike this week. I am totally new to the sport and Im looking for a bike that will last that I can upgrade as money permits. Below is what I am looking to get and was wondering which is the best bang for the buck.

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    Have you tried your local bike store (LBS) yet? That would be my first suggestion. See what they might have in your price range or what they can get. Nothing like getting to try before you buy, that way you get a properly fitted bike which can make all the difference in the world. That way you also start building some relationship with your LBS. It is also not uncommon for LBS's to have nice used bikes at decent prices too.

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    I am not familiar at all with Bikesdirect bikes (moto, windsor, dawes), but I think the 'list prices' are ridiculous. If you are looking entry level, there are better-known brands in the same price point. I'd visit several bike shops and get a feel for what is out there.

    The line about wanting you to compare to a $900 Trek or Spec, yeah, they don't really want you to do that. Component-wise, those five you link to are basically all the same bike. Not saying the pricing is bad- it seems reasonable.
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    Bikesdirect isn't terrible-- the motobecane's have decent frames and good components for the price (usually skimping on the forks, but still not bad). The "list prices" are way off base, but they are a good bargain.

    However, you'll hear over and over again on here, buy something you can ride first for your first bike. Sizing and geometry is everything. While the bikes you're considering are a good value, there is a risk in getting the wrong size or simply being uncomfortable with the geometry.

    If you're set on bikesdirect, I'd recommend you swing over to the Motobecane forums and post there. You'll get a lot more feedback from folks who own and ride these bikes, and one of the bikesdirect reps frequents that forum.

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    Save yourself alot of headache, try to buy local, you can get fitted and test ride. The prices look great online but if you have any issues it turns into a big cluster f#ck, take it from one who knows. Good luck, the hunt can be alot of fun.

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    yet another vote for supporting your LBS
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    Try to ride the bike before you purchase it.

    Try to ride as many bikes as possible before you decide what to buy.

    Fit and feel is very, very important.

    Be aware that one brand's "Medium size" may not be the same size as another brand's "Medium size". And there could be geometry differences as well.
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    going at your local lbs is always a good idea for a first bike reason being they can help you fit a bike, free tune up and sometimes free tune up for life but if you are mechanically incline and like to get you hands dirty and you are set with the bikedirects check this out and hopefully there is a shop close to you cuz they carry moto for the same price from bikesdirect. you just have to pay tax though.
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    I am pro online, if your comfortable doing it I say go for it. Nothing like the feeling of assembling your own bike.I like the Windsor Cliff 4900, good spec for the price. Just got a Windsor road bike from them, and its working out well so far for me.

    Check this topic to figure out your size
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    Basically all the same off the shelf frame crappy build.....Etc, etc, etc. Go to a LBS like everybody else said and test ride a bike!! Get a proper fit and if you found the proper size contact Dremer and he'll help you get the proper fit if you still are set on one of those mailorder bikes......
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    Final answer...

    OK, the most important part of purchase is making sure the bike fits. Would you order your shoes off the interwebby thing? No? Then why would you buy your first bike via mail order?


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    Out of those choices I guess I would go with the Cliff (Windsor). It has a slightly better fork and a bit better components for only $50 more than the others.

    Also like the everyone has mentioned, have you gone to your LBS and tried out some bikes? Find a bike you like than compare the geometry with those.

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    LBS route is preferable. You will get much better service and have someone that will be more than happy to help you with issues/problems.
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    Just picked up a Windsor Cliff 4700 for $325..

    My first proper bike. Took me a touch over 60 minutes to get it up and running... This is one sweet bike for the price

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