Brake Differences Low End vs. High End-
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    Brake Differences Low End vs. High End

    If there's a thread about this please just point me to it and ignore this one.

    I'd like to know a bit more about braking systems. I use Tektro disc brakes which I don't think are all that expensive. They seem to work just fine. They always seem to stop me very well. These are the only brakes I've ever used. So, if my low end brakes stop well what could I be missing if I don't use the higher end more expensive type of braking system?

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    If your current brakes work well for you, you are missing nothing versus $$$ brakes.

    Now, that said, if you don't know what you're missing, you can't miss it. More money spent on brakes can buy better quality (longevity), better supplies/availability of parts if/when you need them, more/different/better pad material selections, many more bells and whistles in the lever department (reach adjust, pad contact adjust, etc.), stronger braking performance (caliper design). Weight is also a factor. Ease of maintenance, etc.

    Again, if you have no issues with your brakes, they're fine. We run a full-suspension tandem and would expose weaknesses in your brakes quite quickly. We have fancy brakes on that bike for that reason and others. I have a single bike with 8-year-old Hayes mech brakes and they stop me fine.

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    On my last bike (mechanical disc brakes), my husband upgraded the brakes because adjusting the ones I had was such a pain in rear. The more expensive brakes needed to be adjusted less often and were easier to adjust.

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    Weight, look, function(mainly user friendliness), materials, performance, ability to remove heat.

    If you don't feel any handicap using "low-end" brake system then you have nothing to worry about, either your riding style or the trail you are riding does not demand what higher end system can offer.

    Some brake systems are almost identical like Shimano the lower end calipers/master cylinder would be casted and the higher end would be cold forged. Other function seems to be identical, just a bit heavier.

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