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    Between these two what would you choose?

    I'm buying a new mid-range hardtail mtn bike and need help deciding between these two.

    Giant Revel 1 2012 for $500 (not buying online, local store)
    Revel 1 (Black/Blue) (2012) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United States

    Cannondale SL4 2011 $575 (not buying online, local store)
    Cannondale Trail SL4 2011 Mountain Bike ONLY £509.99 [ 11CDTRLSL4RE ] - Discount Cycles Direct - Top Quality Brands at Discounted Prices

    I mostly want to know the main differences in components and if the Cannondale is worth the extra $75. Thanks for your help!

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    In short, go with the Giant

    The fork on either bike is similar, so they're a wash. The Giant has Tektro mechanical discs, the Cannondale has Tektro hydraulics, neither of which is getting particular rave reviews (the mechanicals will be a less expensive replacement when it comes time). I happen to be a SRAM fan, so the SRAM triggers and rear derailleur on the Giant kinda seal the deal for me.

    Just one man's opinion, so wait for others to chime in.

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    Have you taken either of them for a ride? That might "seal the deal."
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    I just picked up a 2011 sl4 29er today. Lovin it so far! But your looking at the 26 inch one, so probably not much help.

    Since you obviously have access to both, ride both and pick with one feels best! The components are very similar between them.
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    Hard choice. Giant has mechanical brakes and Cannondale has bad fork (unreliable). Maybe this is better choice

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    Giant. But then im a noobie and a Giant fan so take it with a grain of salt.
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    Just bought the 2012 Giant Revel 1 in charcoal/red (almost two weeks ago). Still waiting on it to come in.....

    I test rode both the Giant and the Cannondale and liked the way the Giant rode and felt better. My comparison shopping found both bikes similarly spec'ed.

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    The C'dale should be 1 or 2lbs lighter, if that matters to you. But if it were up to me, I'd pay a little more and go for the SL3.

    I may be biased, though.

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    I would also look at the SL3, I am also biased. Had mine for a few months and very happy. Seriously though, ride both bikes and see what feels good to YOU.
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