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    New question here. airborne vs. other brands (and a couple other Q's)

    I am a beginner-intermediate rider. I have ridden very, very occasionally over the years but recently got bitten by the bug and now Iím dead set on getting a new bike!

    Iím mostly interested in doing XC/all mountain, and have begun the research process into what I would want for a new bike. For some reason, my searches keep bringing me back to 29ers. The Trek X-Caliber 7 and the Airborne Goblin are both two on the top of my list. Iíve never ridden a 29er, and am not against them, but canít really say I can compare them to a 26. Should I try to demo a 29er before pulling the trigger on one? Or will it not really matter at this point in my mtn biking ability level?

    Secondly - bike brands. I know the staples: Giant, Trek, Felt, etc. Iíve come across a few ďlesser knownĒ brands such as Airborne. Are there any brands considered ďnot as goodĒ as others? For instance, Iím really interested in the Airborne Goblin, as it seems like a bike that would match 1) my ability level and 2) my wallet. From my understanding, bikes with similar tech matching whatís in the Goblin go for what- $500, 600, 700 more?

    I know that I want a good hardtail that I can take anywhere and will last me awhile.

    Any advice or tips? Bike recommendations? My budget is around $1,200, +/- a couple hundred. Thanks!

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    It's not 'officially' announced yet, but you can find threads where an airborne rep teases about a new bike that will lean a little more towards the all mountain side of things and less towards XC (as compared to the goblin). It's supposed to be released in Late Oct early Nov.

    Personally, I was all set to order a goblin, and then I heard about this new bike which I think will be a better fit for what I want. I'm planning to order one as soon as they are released.

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    For that budget, you should be able to get a pretty decent brand new hardtail, or a top of the line used hardtail. Or even Full Suspension. Not sure what size you are, but here are some in your area:
    Vassago Bandersnatch 29er 16" Complete Bike
    Voodoo Canzo 29er 2010
    Niner EMD 9 Complete Bike (29er hardtail)
    2013 Cube Analog 29er Mountain Bike
    +*+*+*+HIGH END, Full suspension BMC mountain bike+*+*+*
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    Yes, demo.

    Do you still have your old bike? I think catalog bikes can help stretch a buck, but you'll shoot yourself in the foot if you get the wrong size. A reference bike can help with that. Among catalog bikes, Airborne is no worse than the rest and probably better than some.
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    Now is the time to check local shops ,they are discounting the 13's to make room for the 14's.

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    check out hte airborne subforums... some of us prefer non lbs brands as the components/ price tier are better than the big names. Personally, I dont' want my bike $$ to go towards advertising and team sponsorship, but towards my bike.

    however, there have been good deals on marin's lately on ebay, that may beat airborne/bd in temers of components.

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    Airborne is owned by Huffy, who's name is obviously is associated with that of a WalMart brand. However, with that being said... The economy over the past 20 years has forced quite a few big names to be acquired by larger companies. I've personally built and ridden a few Airbornes. And there's nothing wrong with them. Just gotta make sure you're paying attention to the components.

    Raleigh owns Diamondback. Seattle Bike Supply is partnered with Redline, Lapierre, Torker, and WeThePeople. Seattle Bike Supply also has partnered with Raleigh. So they are all together...

    Fuji owns Kestrel and Breezer...

    Dorel Industries owns Pacific Cycle. Who is Pacific Cycle? Cannondale, Mongoose, GT, Schwinn, and Ironhorse...

    Look at SRAM. SRAM actually owns Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid, Quarq, and Zipp...

    So don't be fooled by a "name". Many times the alloy and carbon used in the off brand bikes are made or even purchased from the same factory that you get some of the big 3 products(Trek, Specialized, Giant) from...
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    OP, I was also in a similar situation recently. I started riding an old P.O.S. GT timberline i found in my parents barn this summer. in the last 3-4 months i have put about 1000 miles on it give or take. i am enjoying my new hobby, and I've really out grown the bike so i started looking into a new bike. after only a few visits to LBS, i decided I wanted a hardtail, and probably a 29er.

    so for the last month i have done a LOT of reading online. i was working with a lower budget than you are but I recently decided on the Airborne Guardian 2.0 (the goblin's little brother). I also found the bikes from Airborne to be a tremendous value, and couldn't find a better "bang for the buck" bike. after speaking with Eric from Airborne on the phone a couple times i felt confident that this was the correct bike for me and the kind of riding i want to do, XC/AM and hopefully some more advanced stuff soon!

    I just ordered it this week and the bike will be here tuesday. i am eagerly anticipating it's arrival. Give the guys at Airborne a call, i found them to be very friendly and helpful. They also seem to have a good reputation within the forums i have been reading, and i like that they are involved/participating in the forum discussions and support the community.

    I realize i am not the most experienced rider on these forums, Just thought i would share my experience with you. I would just say do as much research as you can, ride as many bikes as you can, and ask a lot of questions to the people that know. good luck
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