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    adjusting shifter

    I got a used bike a few weeks ago mainly to tinker/commute on and have needed to make a few adjustments. I have gotten the rear shifter to hit all gears now except high gear (5th its a 15 speed) I can manully put it into 5th and it will stay but can't get it adjusted to move over via the shifter and I was noticing that it seems to "bobble" in 3rd (chain/bottom hocky puck won't mesh but it will in 1, 2, 4, & 5). there is no adjustment at the shifter but 2 at the derailer and I've tried both (one is a screw/spring setup and the other is the nut that "clamps" the end of the cable)

    any idea how to adjust it so I can hit 5th if/when I want to without getting off the bike and moving it over by hand?

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    i havent done it myslef, but ive seen info on rear derailer adjustment on youtube, and also on parktools website.
    check it out

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    depending on the derailleur
    The screws you are talking about are limit screws. They control how far in towards the wheel the derailleur goes (L screw) and the H screw controls how far away from the wheel it goes (high gear).
    Sounds like your problem is the H screw is to tight, give it a quarter turn left (loosen it) and make sure the cable has no slack (but not pulled super tight) and reclamp the cable.
    for more detailed, check out park tool's site

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