• 05-22-2020
    2020 Giant Talon 1 29er vs 2020 Kona Mahuna

    Looking to get my first bike and these two are the only things in stock in my area that aren't out of my price range. Not planning to ride it super hard but wanted to have some room to grow into it. Both have air forks and are 1x.

    Alternatively I could grab a Talon 2 or Kona Lava Dome but both are coil forks and not 1x, which I was attracted to for the sake of simplicity.

    Which of these two would you folks opt for?

    Help is greatly appreciated.
  • 05-22-2020
    They belong in the same category of bikes so either one would be fine. Both bikes have similar geometry so they are great for XC or trail riding. If you plan on climbing a lot, the Talon wouldn't be a bad choice due to the Eagle drivetrain. It just comes down to whoever offers a better deal for the bike.
  • 05-22-2020
    Thanks for the input - won't likely be doing a huge amount of climbing. They're both priced the same and I wasn't sure if there was a big difference between the forks and the deore/sram sx eagle.
  • 05-22-2020
    Between those two, the Kona would get my vote. The tapered headtube means you have ore options for a fork upgrade later on. The Talon you have to change out the bottom headset to an external cup to support a tapered fork.
  • 05-23-2020
    Both have geo numbers that disqualify them from my rec.
    Chainstays on the Talon are 455mm and 450 on the Kona. 435 or less is found on most other hardtails.
    Those long chainstays are tough on turning quickness. Buslike is likely.

    See if you can find one of these 27.5+ Spec Fuse-
    Good new frame with current geo. Long-term upgradable with better fork and 29 wide rim wheels. Room for 2.6 x 29 tires in the rear.
    Ride it like it comes for this season or more.