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    2010-2011ish Diamonback Sorrento-Wanna make a commuter/hybrid out of it- Suggestions

    I have myself a 2010-2011ish Diamondback Sorrento, my first mountain bike, and I would like to turn this into a good Hybrid bike, although I am not sure where to start. Pretty much all my componentry is garbage. Just plum worn out, from lots of use and minimal maintenance (my bad). I want to keep it simple, would like to just keep V-brakes, even though it has a mount on the rear for a disk setup. I'm going to need a new wheelset too, the one I have is just so torqued from my crashing it so many times, and then being trued over and over, plus it's heavy.

    So to stop rambling and get to my question, where should I start as to looking at parts? I would like to, if possible, set it up with a 44/22 teeth crank, and 11-30 teeth casset. This way I have a a nice simple high low, with a good range with from and rear. I have no idea where to start looking for all of this, but would like to get nice durable, long lasting parts.

    Also want to get a new fork, preferably with a lockout, somthing minimal maintenance, with 60mm-ish of travel, which is what is currently on it. Not sure where to start with that either.

    As for seat post, seat, handle bars, stem, I think I can keep these for the time being. Although suggestions on a new seat and post would be appreciated.

    Then there's the wheelset, where do you start with that?

    Lastly, two things, where do you look for bike parts? Second, I would like to keep this under $400 if possible. Please, let the suggestions begin.

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    What are you going to use the bike for?

    80mm 1x1: http://surlybikes.com/parts/forks/1x1_fork

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    You are asking for a lot. To replace the wheels could be anywhere from $ 150 to $500 .If that frame is non tapered ,finding a replacement will be hard plus you are looking at another high cost . For the type of riding you doing you don't need a suspension fork ,.You can not do what you want with the chain rings,too much of a gap. You would be money ahead buy finding a used road bike or a new hybrid. and calling good.Road cranks and new MB (10 speed ) come with 2 rings ,again could be $200 or more.All the parts tyou want or need can be found at your local shop ,Ebay ,Amazon, Craig's list

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    Hey, thanks for getting back to me quick, the bike will be used mostly for roads, but I want to be able to use it for shortcuts through the woods around my area (wasilla is sprawling with lots of forest). Yeah, I considered getting a new bike, but I hear so often that it is better to just build or upgrade off of what you have, which is why I was thinking of going down this route.

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