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    2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport

    I am new to mountain biking. Jjust bought a Hardrock Sport and I love it. Everything is great except the saddle. It is uncomfortable for long rides. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help.

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    it may take some

    getting used to. If it's a real problem, get the shop that sold you the bike to swap it out for another. Everyone's butt is different and so it's trial and error, hence all the proliferation of saddles on the market. Good luck, Jim

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    Cycling shorts?

    Are you wearing cycling shorts? If not, cycling shorts can make saddles more comfortable. Just a thought. If you are, like the other post said, go to the LBS and try a few.

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    Saddles require a break-in period. It takes three to four weeks before I was comfortable on new saddles.

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    BG saddle...

    My body didn't dig the Body Geometry saddle on my Specialized either. I'd take some of the suggestion above. I ran the stock BG saddle for quite some time before switching out in order to ensure it wasn't me and that the saddle was the cause of my discomfort. I know for me that shorts made a big difference in my comfort level on longer rides as well. As far as saddles go, everybody is different so you're just going to need to try a few out and see what feels best. I settled on a WTB Rocket V Stealth saddle after trying a few.

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    All good advice above

    1. It takes a while to get used to riding, so your butt is going to be sore for a little while until you develop what was once decribed to me a "sit tolerance".

    2. Cycling shorts will help reduce discomfort.

    3. Give the saddle a month of honest riding and if your discomfort hasn't gone away, look at another brand of saddle.


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    From what i remember the Body Geometry Saddles were supposed to reduce numbness when you ride. I had one and it took a really long time to get used to. Now that i am used to it, its very comfortable
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    I bought a Hardrock as my first real mountain bike and from what I and my butt remember, that was one uncomfortable saddle. I switched it out for another of the Specialized BG saddles and haven't had a painful ride since.

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    All the above info is good and important, but a few other things:

    1) make sure your saddle is adjusted properly. This means it is at the right height and front/back position so you are sitting on your sit bones, and getting the best pedaling efficiency. (If your saddle is too low or high, you are likely to put pressure on parts that should not be pressured, same with front back position.) Newbies often have their saddle too low, I have noticed. Aim for your saddle and handlebars to be level, or your saddle a little higher than your bars, though when starting out, you might not feel comfortable with this yet, and want your bars a little higher, or if you are on the short side, you may never have your saddle and bars level (saddle will always be a little lower than bars, just the way bikes for us shorties have to be set up). But it is better to raise your bars and have your seat the right height than to have your seat too low. Next, make sure the saddle is at the right angle. It is best to start out with the saddle level, which works for most, I think. Then raise the nose by a few millimeters and try it--better? worse? Raise it again and try... there is some trial and error to bike seat fitting. A bike shop person whould be able to help you with some of this trial and error.

    2) Do not wear underwear with your bike shorts. The underwear will cause chaffage. But wear bike shorts!

    3) One of the reasons it takes some time to get used to a saddle is newbies tend to sit on the saddle more than they should, both in the sense that they are not getting out of the saddle to do technical stuff or hills yet, which comes with more riding, and because they are actually putting most of thier weight on the saddle when pedaling. Your seat is really just another contact point, like your feet and hands, by which you control your bike. Most of the time, your feet should be engaged (a lot of body weight on them), which means you are taking substantial weight off your butt. However, this takes time to get the strength built up and to get used to.

    But you also may just need a different saddle! I highly recommend WTB saddles!

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    thanks triscuit, i think ill give that advice a try. i have also just started riding again and have been getting a bit sore. im sure that saddle position is part of the problem, and hopefully i wont have to buy a new one. anyway, thanks again.

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    Good job! new Specialized info

    grab the latest MB Action mag, note the Spec. has a new sizing board out for their 2005 saddles. Interesting reading artiicle... supporting the notion that we all have different @$$e$ and sitz bones.


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    Be sure of your fit.

    You may be getting sore because of improper fit as well. If the saddle is tilted, it may lead to discomfort.

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