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    1996 Naked carbon Trek Y22 - Bad idea as a first mountain bike?

    Edited to add:
    Thanks for all the helpful advice!! I'm following your advice and will look for a more "fresher" bike!!!

    I'm considering buying an old FS carbon bike locally as my first mb to take off road. It's listed for $300 but will try to see if he will let it go for $250.

    I'm also inquiring on a $250 2001 fs Giant AC1 (but it's a large frame, located on the other side of the island and the owner hasn't emailed me back....may already be sold) and a $225 2010 Giant Revel 2 hardtail

    Background info:
    I'm 46, 195 lbs (about 40 lb overweight) and one of my shoulder sockets is starting to act up. My weight and bad shoulder is a big part of the reason for interest in a lightweight fs bike.

    I'm basically looking for a comfortable bike to ride off road. It's mainly for exercise. Plan to do xc and occasionally very very lite dh.

    I know that I should wait till I've had more experience before I buy a fs but I'm debating pulling the trigger now due to the decent price (checked ebay) for a carbon fs, it can be inspected/tested (unlike ebay) and I may never see another one available in my locale.

    (I have to admit I have something for old bikes...........or I'm just super cheap)

    I figure that if it doesn't work out, I could resell it or part it out without taking too much of a loss.

    Current equipment:
    I currently own 2 old rigid frame bikes, a 1994 Bridgestone MB6 (my backup, free from my friend and what got me interested in biking) and a 1998 (?) GT Palomar (my favorite, $40 and came with a good foot pump). I use them to commute 2 blocks from a parking lot to work, riding around the neighorhood and also on a paved bike path.

    Thanks in advance for your help/advice!!!
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    I wouldn't buy an FS bike that old, especially not a carbon one. Technology has changed a lot since 1996 and who knows whats happened to the frame, not to mention a modern aluminum frame might be as light or even lighter.

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    i just asked the guy next to me...(hes been "in" bikes forever, so i trust him).
    his response? "no, it will probably break". i guess things have much improved since then!

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    The Trek "Y" series of bikes are generally considered a poor full suspension design. They weren't particularly good when new, and 15 years later they're no better. I'd look elsewhere.

    If your price range is $350(ish) I'd look at hard tails only. While you might find an incredible deal on a full suspension bike, chances are at that price you're buying a pogo stick.
    Each bicycle owned exponentially increases the probability that none is working correctly.

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    One of the guys on a local board was on the design team for those bikes and has said they weren't really ever released in a version with the components (shock especially) that made them work as designed. Hence, they never really enjoyed a great reputation.

    Even if they had, I would be suspect of 15 year old carbon frame technology and wear/tear.

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