• 04-04-2015
    Wildcard 2009 vs. Rune V2 vs. Spitfire V2
    Hi guys,

    I own Wildcard and I looking for a change.
    I look for something I could pedal longer and faster but do not want to completely loose the "downhill" feeling and aggressive abilities of my bike.

    I know lighter bikes make you be better rider in both up and down the hill, in terms of working with the body and moving and progressing technically because the bike less correct your mistakes.

    Will the spitfire hold the rough stuff? can I jump 1.5 meters to flat with it?
    Will it feel to "flexible" or "gentle"? yesterday I tested 13.5 kg spitfire, felt pretty good, but so light, don't want to brake it.
    Used to 16.5 kg Wildcard :-)

    And Rune, will it give me the pedaling abilities I am looking for?
    How light can it get with front Pike?