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    Spitfire play in shock mount

    I have a 3 month old new Spitfire and just noticed there is play in the top shock mount.

    It's quite a bit, maybe 2mm and can clearly be seen and felt when picking the bike up by the seat, and by placing a finger on the top of the shock you can feel that it's the top mount that is moving.

    Assuming it was a worn bush (although only 3 months seems short lifespan) I've just changed the bushing for a brand new one. The play is still there however.

    Taking the shock out and putting the bolt through there is a very very small amount of play, but no where near as much as with the shock in situ.

    Placing just the bolt through the top eyelet it's easy to wiggle left and right and see that the bushings (both old and new) have play on them.

    Anyone else had this? The bolt has lost some of its black coating but surely it's not worn down in just 3 months? Especially how little the top mount pivots.

    Anyone got any other ideas on what would be causing this?

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    Ah was missing the little washer that goes on the bolt! Sorted now.

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    Oddly enough, your exploits have helped me. I've also noticed play in the top mount, and this thread made me realize I have no washer. I have phantom, not spitty, but assume it's the same. I can see where a thin washer would allow me to tighten it up.

    Anyway I never saw a washer fall off when I was servicing my shock, but it would explain a lot. Quick question, was yours a lock washer or just a regular one?

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    Regular one.

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