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    Spitfire - conversion to 29er - theory/drop-outs

    Was tinkering with my 2013 Spitfire the other day and it lead me to think (stupid I know), why not come up with new drop-outs to convert a Spitfire from 650B to 29-er? I know this is pushing things but...

    Custom drop-outs to move the rear axle back and up to fit a 29-er wheel, still allow for a lowish BB, perhaps a 140ish fork with slightly steeper HA and SA... A compromise yes, but chain stay length wouldn't be that horrible (I'm OK with a long chain stay in general, I would try 17 3/4" ) and by my estimate a 29-er wheel might not touch the seat tube at full compression.

    I'll go back to drinking another fine Colorado beer now...

    Keith? Ha.

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    Problem with doing that is that using the existing frame and just changing the dropouts would not be able to chieve this. If you continued to run a 650b front wheel and fork, then I could design a dropout to fit a 29" rear wheel and maintain the reast fo the geometry. But to steepen the head angle at the same time would mean a higher BB. The problem really comes with running a 29er wheel and fork, this will significsntly lift the front end (and BB) and slacken the bike out a couple of degrees which would result in horrible handling with big wheels. To keep the angles in check the BB would have to be seriously high. Nice idea, but I'm afraid it isn't as simple as that.
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    I figured there was more to this... anyway, really enjoying this bike still for sure. Thanks for the feedback!

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