Reverb stealth routing on '16 Phantom-
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    Reverb stealth routing on '16 Phantom


    New Banshee owner here.

    I just finished assembling my new '16 Phantom, but encountered an issue with the Reverb stealth I plan to use:
    When I disconnected the hose from the post using the connectamajig, I'm not able to push the hose with the silver ferrule-thingy through the dropper post hole in the seat tube. It seems like the ferrule is just a little bit too large to fit through the hole.
    I haven't used too much force since I'm afraid I might damage the threads on the ferrule.

    Do I just have to push a little harder to get it through, or is it actually too tight?

    I put on the old GD for now, worst case I will have to cut the hose on the lever side and do a bleed...

    Super stoked with the new bike btw. My previous bike was a Turner Sultan, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Phantom can do, with the more modern geo and all..Reverb stealth routing on '16 Phantom-image1466200862.004891.jpg

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    Wind the remote adjuster on the remote all the way to the slowest setting. Disconnect the hose at the remote end by simply unwinding it. Insert something in the hose end to stop fluid leaking out.

    Pass a separate scrap piece of hose up through the seat tube via the stealth routing hole, attach the reverb hose (I just used sticky tape, but Rockshox does have a part to join the hoses) and pull it back down and through the hole. Disconnect from the feeder hose and reattach the remote. If you're careful not to lose any fluid it shouldn't need rebleeding, just wind the adjuster back to the fastest setting once reconnected.

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    Or if it's only a tad too small, then carefully take a round file to it and open it up that little bit extra.
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    on a unrelated note that some steer tube !! hola !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unforgiving View Post
    on a unrelated note that some steer tube !! hola !
    The steerer is uncut for now, gonna cut it in due time..

    And thanks to Muz for the tip! Disconnecting and shortening (and bleeding) the hose/remote was much easier than I thought it would be.

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