Prime, Spitfire, Phantom, or something else entirely for super clyde?-
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    Prime, Spitfire, Phantom, or something else entirely for super clyde?

    So I'm mostly sure I'm going to be upgrading from my 09' Nomad this summer and (right now) I'm pretty torn between building up a Banshee Prime or Spitfire. I don't need an all out, 160mm+ enduro bike, but want something that will be capable all over. I climb more than I shuttle, so that is a factor. I'm also a pretty big guy (6'4 - 280ish, but dropping now that I'm riding a ton), so strength/bomb-proofness is higher on my priority list than weight. Most of my riding is west of Calgary, AB in the foothills and Rockies.

    I don't necessarily have a preference for 27.5 or 29, but kind of like the idea of an aggressive 29. I've also heard that with the Prime, there is more than enough room for 27.5+ (if I want to go that route) without negative effects (maybe that's true for all 29ers?). Right now I'm leaning a bit more towards the Prime, but have heard great things about the Spitfire as well and wouldn't be upset with either.

    Finally, I'm thinking a max budget of around $3500-4000cdn. I don't have any issues picking up something used (that's what I did with my Nomad and it's been great) or doing more of a budget build and upgrading over time.

    Any thoughts? Recommendations? Alternatives I should be considering?


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    At your height/weight, I'd go Prime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blatant View Post
    At your height/weight, I'd go Prime.
    yup Prime.

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    sounds like we are 99% the same. I weight in about 270 currently and earn my downs. I also dabble in endurance races (not enduro) at well as hit parks from time to time. I also use to own a Nomad carbon.

    I can tell you that the Prime is a great bike. It is a beast on the downs, more so than the Nomad was, the Prime has MUCH better slow speed mannerisms, I have much less over the bars feeling in it. Also it is a GREAT technical climber, it sticks like glue to the ground in seated climbs. It pedals just as good at the nomad on the flats (thats actually impressive), feels good and stout like a nomad does.

    All in all its a great Clyde bike. The phantom is a good option as well but I think you might feel that its a little short in travel. The Prime never has that too much travel feeling like some 160mm bikes can have.

    For reference, I have mine setup with a 150mm Pike and am running Minions DHF/DHR2 and have the Canecreek DB air CS on the back, its also a 2016 model with the newer Geo which for me sweet spots a lot of the numbers. Dont know if I would spend the money on the Canecreek next time around but it is really tune-able and cane easily be tuned in for Clydes.
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