Hello all,
After a long while, and also help from you guys, I finally completed building them.
I have a feeling these are the last new V1 rune around
Set up includes a manitou mattoc upfront, a fox rp23 completely rebuilt, reshimmed for the bike and with a vorsprung corset air chamber. Geared 1x10 with 42 cassette and 34 chainring, cause I aas in good shape until I broke my ankle...
26" wheels also built by yours truely with wtb rims, shimano slx hubs (cheap, I know) and sapim spokes.

Around the parking lot they ride great, but I am still waiting for my ankle to be up for a real test ride..

and how could it be without a photo?

My New Banshee Rune  V1-banshee-rune-v1.jpg
P.s. If I couldn't handle shimano's open bearing, how can I handle the bushings?