• 05-13-2019
    Current Gen Spitfire sizing
    I'm 5 10, always been caught in the middle between M/L frames, but always went with mediums. Looking for some folks who have maybe ridden both sizes and can offer some feedback. It seems that in general the large size has become much more common among ~5-10" tall riders from what I've seen on the trail.

    I have a buddy with a large 2015 Bronson that has very similar numbers to the current gen Spitfire and I would have never guessed it was a large.

    It you could post you height, frame size and what stem length you are running it might help me out with the sizing.
  • 05-16-2019
    510 with a 50mm stem. Riding a L but Id like longer now. If I stay with Banshee for my next frame it will be an XL with a 35mm stem. (If there are no updates in 2020)

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  • 06-03-2019
    Dung Hopper
    I am wondering about this too and should soon find out. I am 6'1" and I am currently riding a 2014 Trek Fuel EX8 in size large. That was the size most people my height seemed to be riding. Not long after the purchase, I started thinking an XL might have been a better fit. The stock post was too short for me so I simply got one a bit longer and it has been fine.

    I still enjoy the Trek but I was itching to try a 27.5 bike and also interested in getting something for more aggressive trails to supplement the Trek. Online came across a 2017 Spitfire that was a leftover in XL. Rather than pass up what looked like a good deal, I took a chance and ordered it. It should be delivered in a few days. Hopefully it will be the right size for me.

    It is a shame bike manufacturers don't make in-between sizes. Like size large, size large/XL, size XL, etc. I feel the same way about shirts. I am always on the edge between L and XL.
  • 06-20-2019
    Dung Hopper
    I have been riding my XL Spitfire. For me, it seems like a good fit but if I was even an inch storter, the post would be too tall. I am approximately 6'1".
  • 06-22-2019
    5'11" on an XL with 50mm stem.
    Also running a -2 degree headset which pulls the bars back a bit.
  • 06-23-2019
    I'm 5'10" and I was on a Large Spitfire last season. Super happy with the fit. 40mm stem and 150mm Fox Transfer dropper.

    As for half sizes, Chromag does offer a M/L for us folks in the middle. It's a wonderful option if you're looking for a hardtail.