Cracks in clear coating-
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    Cracks in clear coating

    So, it's winter maintenance time and i stripped the frame (2015 raw Rune ) for inspection.
    I noticed a LOT of cracks in the coating. Most of it located on the rear triangle and where shock bolts to the main frame. I'm at work so i can't take pictures, will put them up when I get home (google clear coating cracks, looks just like it). Any reason to be worried? Metal is not cracked, just the clear coating appears to be.

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    There is no need to be worried if it is just the clearcoat that is cracking. It's just there to maintain superficial finish. My personal proto spitfire is totally raw (no clearcoat) and while the surface has oxidised and changed colour slightly as expected, it's still going strong after 4 years.

    As to why the clearcoat might be cracking in the first place.
    #1 chemical reaction.... be very cafeful what you wash your bikes with, chemicals like clothing deturgent and a lot of household cleaners can damage both clearcoat and oxidize metals. I'd also personally recommend avoiding high powered pressure washers with bikes... recipie for disaster, especially for bearings and suspension units.

    #2 try and avoid storing in bright sunlight all the time, the UV can break down some clearcoats and paint and make them brittle over time.

    Those are most likely causes for what you mgiht be seeing.
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