Cane Creek DB Air/Prime help please....-
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    Cane Creek DB Air/Prime help please....

    I recently purchased a Prime w/a DB Air shock and have been driving myself crazy trying to get it working well. I used the Rec settings on Cane Creeks site, been making tweaks, but it continues to feel harsh and not very responsive. It also bobs a lot when climbing, grrr!
    Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA!!

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    Is it the factory DB Air CS with the XV can? I don't like it much and swapped on a DVO Jade.

    On the CCDB, I found it to be a touch harsh, but mostly over compressed. No bobbing issues for me, but I like active suspension on a bike like this. I've been experimenting with dialing both the LSC and HSC back significantly. I've got LSC down to about a quarter-turn from full CCW. I'm 3 clicks back from the stock tune on HSC with plenty more to go. Maybe try running less sag (from the 15mm suggested) and really dial back the compression.
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    Thanks for the intel Blatent! l made your suggested changes and the shock is much improved, esp over fast chunky terrain and landings. Still a bit harsh on slow speed chunk, but I will adjust lsc a bit and see how that goes.

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    Using the HV can, recommended sag, 210-215 lbs geared, I run my HSC 1/4 turn from wide open, LSC maybe 1/2 turn ccw from middle way, bike is a marshmallow at low speed or high, gobbles up everything.
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