I've been pretty fancy on Banshee since the mid 2000's. Still love the look of the old Chap's and Scream's.

I owned the V1 Rune back in 2007/2008ish. V2 now.

It's interesting to compare the two. Not much has changes with regard to set-up. Sure, wheels are bigger, and the advent of the dropper has added a little, buy in large, my set-up has not changed. One-by, Cane Creek rear and Rockshox front, Hope Brakes, and sram shifting.

the only thing notable is I have gotten older and weaker it seems, from my chainring set-up. 34T front, 36T max rear used to get me though everything. Now I'm spoiled with a 30T front, 40T rear - maybe I need to man up a little?

Either way, V1 or V2, these bikes are bombers!

Banshee Rune Lineage (V1 versus V2)-.jpg

Banshee Rune Lineage (V1 versus V2)-dsc039061.jpg