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    Banshee Prime for Clydesdale

    I keep eyeing one of the Prime closeout frames from Jenson. Anyone have any input on the Prime for a heavy rider? In the past I have owned a Fuel EX and now own a Ragley Bigwig. I miss having full suspension but I am 280lbs all geared up. Thanks

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    My understanding is that the Prime is one of the best options for us big boys. At least I hope it is! 6'3" 255 lb with gear and building an XL.

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    The Prime is able to use a coil shock so for heavy guys it would be possible to get the suspension to work better as opposed to over inflating an air shock. The frame itself looks very industrial strength to me! I'm a new Prime owner and really like it! Got mine from Jenson also!
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    I'm 1.93m and 95kgs. The Prime is as solid as they come. My Fuel EX was a flimsy noodle by comparison as much I as loved the light weight ride.

    Im loving my Prime and 100% would buy again.

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    Hi, I'm 6''7" and about 118kgs (mixture of imperial and metric!) and ride an XL 2014 Prime - but built it up strong - i'm not bothered too much on weight.

    I've got a 780mm bar, 50mm stem, full SLX groupset, 120mm dropper (works for me), and just recently fitted SPANK 395+ wheelset - strong as a strong thing.

    I love it - there is longer bikes but I love this one.

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    I am 6'4" and 260lbs nekkid...and the Prime rocked my world for 5 years...such a good bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonJones View Post
    I'm 1.93m and 95kgs. The Prime is as solid as they come. My Fuel EX was a flimsy noodle by comparison as much I as loved the light weight ride.

    Im loving my Prime and 100% would buy again.
    That was also my impression of the Fuel, great bike but fleeeexy which was the biggest reason I moved on to a steel hardtail.

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    This is an awesome bike for clydes. Built like a brick s-house. Since the Prime is pretty long even for an XL, it's going to generally work great up to 6'4", and beyond in some cases. Although fit is an individual thing. I am kind of a freak and even at 6'2", I would prefer it to be a tad longer. Going bigger would mean an XXL in a different bike, or an XL Pole Evolink.

    Big Sean (RideEverything) is 6'7" IIRC, and loved his 2013 Prime, but I believe wanted something a bit longer. Didn't seem to hold him back much. Here are a few of his pics from the Production Prime thread:

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    I'm 98kg (lb??) and 180cm. I ride my Prime for everything and it never fails to amaze. My Float X2 has 240psi of pressure, whilst the Fox36 has 90psi. I would recommend an air shock even for heavier guys as the suspension curve of Banshees are designed for such. Most coil shocks are to linear an d will blow through the travel way too easy.
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    I'm 270lbs geared up and and rip the living sh*t out of the prime and she loves me for it.
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