Banshee prime 2017 vs 2016-
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    Banshee prime 2017 vs 2016

    Anybody ridden both 16 & 17 frames? I might buy a used 2016 XL frame (if price is right) or do I just pull the trigger on the 2017 frame?

    Thanks for the input.


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    If you've crunched the numbers, you will see that the geo is very similar. I know the 2017 has a 1/2 degree slacker HA compared to the 2016, the reach / ETT is 5mm longer, and the BB is a few mm lower on the 2017. So the 2017 is slightly more aggressive, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    2016 dropout configuration allows 135, 142, or 150 hubs. 2017 allows 142 or boost.

    If you can find a used 2016 XL at a good price, go for it. However my experience is that they hardly ever come up for sale, and the price is not that much less that what you can get a new one for at Dirt Merchant.
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    Thanks JACKL.

    I am moving on from a 2016 XL Process DL to either a XL Jeffsy (really short TT) or XL Prime. Jeffsy's are not available until August or so. Prime I could probably build up in the next few weeks.

    To keep the spouse happy, she inherits the xl process which is my first full sus after years of hardtails.....great bike, just want a bit more rear travel. Either bike gets me about .9 to 1" additional rear travel.

    At 6'3" with a 35" inseam and 215 lbs w/o gear more is better.

    A good dilemma to have!


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    I, like Jackl, think that if you can snag a previous gen Prime in your size and it's a decent savings over the new ones, then go for it. The trend is lower and slacker, but not everyone's style or trails suit those 2 things, for me, I prefer the previous gen run with a 150mm fork and higher BB. There's also the fact that if you like a bit more ability to tune the geo, there's 3 settings vs 2 of the new one.

    The biggest change/difference to me is the new hydroforming, it just looks nicer and is sposed to have managed help drop some frame weight, that being said, frame weight isn't everything either, my PP Prime still pedals excellent and the frames were about 1.5lbs heavier than production.
    Also, as Jackl said, for axle configurations the old Banshee's just have more options, biggest being 150x12 IMHO, run it on my Phantom, normal cranks, 51mm chainline, near perfect chainline.

    As to YT Jeffsy vs the Prime, IMHO, Prime is a much more playful bike from the little ride I got on a Jeffsy, just tooling around, much easier to just get the front up, which for me, who likes to ride slow speed stuff is very important - maybe at high speeds it comes up just fine But to me this really shocked me and has continued to shock me about my Banshee's vs a lot of other bikes, front wheel just pops up in the air easily compared.
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    If you're 6'3" (as I am) I would caution you to make sure you are comfortable with the reach and stack numbers on the Jeffsy (I assume 29er). They are a little short in my opinion and the Prime looks to be a better fit for a taller fellow. On that Jeffsy I would want to run a stem around 80mm to not feel cramped.

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    Thanks, I have looked at that compared to my 16 process 111 (which is a great fit - ran a 60mm stem and the stock 35mm stem - both seemed fine). I generally am not a fan of long stems.

    Reach is 20mm shorter (.8") and Stack 7mm longer on Jeffsy vs Process.
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