Banshee prime (2016) eating shock bushings, anyone else?-
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    Banshee prime (2016) eating shock bushings, anyone else?


    Had my prime for a little over a year and love it - amazing bike that does everything I ask of it - big mountains, steep stuff etc etc. But since day one it's gone through shock bushings at some rate. In just over year i've gone through at least 10 pairs. It's always the rear one that goes and shows itself with play in back end when lifting the bike up and then it gets worse until you can notice it when riding. Some sets last a month or two and i've had one that lasted a week! (granted in the alps)

    Anyone else had this? I've heard that there is basically no rotation in the bushings with the KS link design so doesn't make a lot of sense to me. My LBS where I bought it have been kindly replacing the bushings FOC (we've tried everything from RS, Fox to TF hard wearing ones...) but understandably they can't keep doing this. We've also tried replacing the shock as heard some RS shocks have oddly sized eyelet holes but this didn't make any difference

    I've emailed Banshee but not had a reply yet and believe the LBS are following it up too but just wanted to see if it's a common issue or not (though googling suggests not).


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    I've had many KS link banshees including two primes, actually never wore out a set of shock bushings! It's true they don't rotate much, which is why. I've owned other bikes that would blow through them every few months.

    I do think it's possible what you are noticing is the hardware at the front mount. Is the OD of the hardware a good fit in the frame's shockmount holes? Could the slop be coming from that connection rather than from between the bushings and hardware?

    I'd also highly reccomend the RWS needle bearings, at least at the rear mount. I run them on several bikes. Not a huge difference on the Banshees, but made a huge difference on my Evil Following.

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    Cheers for the reply, itís definitely the bushing/hardware interface as when I take it or to change them the pin falls out of the bushing and is noticeably loose.

    Seems itís not a common issue which is what I thought - Iíll fire Banshee a message on FB and see what they say.

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    Do a quick check on the frame's alignment. Tighten up one side with the other outside the mounts, does it line up straight? Try on each side.

    With new bushings, does the hardware require a firm press to get them in? Tolerances for shock eyelets are all over the board.
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    I'd definitely say to check alignment as well. With the shock bolted into the front mount, will it easily line up and install into the rear mount? I had an original Prime pre-production and then Phantom, which is now going on 4 years and I've not experienced anything like this.
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    I had the same issue with my first Gen prime, get a set and these and you should be golden. ABOUT RWC SHOCK EYE NEEDLE BEARING KITS I have been using it for a couple seasons and no issue. I now have a version 2 frame but haven't had much time on it since it's winter here now, hopefully the issue is solved on the new frame.
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