Banshee Paradoz v2 Build- 27.5(+)/29er?-
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    Banshee Paradoz v2 Build- 27.5(+)/29er?

    Hey fellas,

    Just acquired a Banshee Paradox v2 frame the other day for pretty good deal. Going forward with the build I was torn between building a 29er or a 27.5 regular or plus build. Having never ridden either (coming from the 26" world) I'm looking for insight from those who have built or ridden these bikes or even Yelli Screamy's. A bit about myself I'm 6' 4" and 190lbs and live in the chunk of southern California. I would prefer to build the frame more so towards the AM spectrum and keep it around 140mm of travel. From what I've read these bikes still climb like goats even with shorter chainstays and a bit more travel than the spec'ed 120mm. Opinions? Thanks guys!

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    Copied from your other thread......Replied to your other thread about the higher sweep bar, didn't see this until today, so here goes. Definitely go the B+ route, it adds so much more traction and cush to the ride, especially depending on what tyre you choose to go with.

    Since I tried B+ in the rear of my 29er HTs, I will never go back to just regular 2.4" tyres, the old body needs all the cush it can get and yes, a 2.8" Nobby Nic (a true 2.8") on i35 rim can fit in the rear with a bit of room to spare, but not proper mud clearance room. I have run mine as a B+ F&R and also with B+ rear/29x2.4" front and both have worked well, would probably go with one of the new 2.6" now if I was building and wanted to slack the front end out a bit more.

    Agree with running the 140mm fork, slacks the HTA out just a bit more, so closer to 67*, which to me for a Trail HT is nice, going for the B+/29er setup, then further slackens it out to around 66.2*

    Last setup NN 2.8" F&R

    2nd iteration WTB Trailblazer 2.8" rear/WTB Trailboss 3.0" front

    Original try WTB Trailblazer 2.8" rear/On One Chunky Monkey 29x2.4"
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