Ok, so Ive got a new Legend frame and nearly finished the build but struggling to settle on spring weight (I will just ride it to check but always like an opinion).

It seems the new fox shox DHX2 are very sensitive and plush at the start of stroke and sit into their sag very easily even with a heavy weight spring.

I am about 100kg geared up, so I got myself a 500lb Fox SLS Spring, however a guy I know runs a 475 spring at about 80kg and bottoms his out. So in attempt to cover my bases I also got a 550lb.

Sitting on the bike tonight without gear I managed about 23% sag, but really looking for 30%. Once the bike is complete I'll gear up and see how we go.

But just wanting to know what shocks you guys are running, what spring weight you have and how heavy you are?

Cheers in advance.