Banshee Legend Mkii Shock Play, Threaded Insert Nightmare-
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    Banshee Legend Mkii Shock Play, Threaded Insert Nightmare

    Hey everybody!
    I'm a bit of a noob, so sorry if this is a dumb question. First of all just want to say it's great we have this community, I got some really helpful tips from you guys on suspension set up and have completely fallen in love with my legend.

    on to my issue:
    I had the coil on my rc4 too tight which was causing odd suspension characteristics. I pulled the shock out to adjust settings and coil tension. When I went to put it back in, I made a really rookie move of trying to thread the shock bolt from the wrong side.

    I was in a hurry and accidentally threaded the bolt into the threaded insert that the bolt would thread into if you pushed it through from the other side. I didn't realize why it got tight so early and backed it out, removing the threaded insert from the frame!! My dad and I where barely able to get the insert off the bolt. We jury rigged a way of getting the insert back into the bike using the shock bolt, reducers, and locktight on the threads of the insert. We couldn't get it that tight with this method, just kind of snug and let the locktight dry before backing the shockbolt out again.
    When I put the whole thing back together, I noticed there is now some play in that particular shock mount (the upper mount). Is this because the threaded insert needs to be tightened more? What tool can be bought to install the insert properly?

    Thanks for reading, cheers

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    When first installed these steel inserts are installed using a special tool, but I'm not sure what they are called or how readily avaliable they are. It is possible to install them using a bolt and tube, or a bolt which has had the head of the bolt ground down so that the diameter is not greater than the threaded insert (11mm). You can then thread the bolt fully into the insert (probably a good idea to apply some oil or light grease to bolt threads before hand to stop ot binding), put perminant loctite on the insert threads, thread the insert carefully into the frame (there are guide threads in the frame that must be used) using the bolt until fully installed, leave for the loctite to set fully and unthread the bolt carefully.

    Let me know if you have any issues with this.
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    I experienced similiar issues: The threaded insert would get loose and work against the shock bushings - it would be close to impossible to remove the shock out of the frame.
    Took me some time to notice that the threaded insert was loose. So I removed it completely from the frame, packed it in blue loctite and inserted it back into the linkage, aligning it with the surface so that it would not bind with the shock bushings.
    Do I need to take care of anything else? Would be a bummer if the threaded insert gets lost/lose during a downhill ride

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